The Zombie Gunship Survival APK is a game that has been designed to be played on your mobile device. You will have to shoot zombies with the helicopter you are in control of.

The goal of this game is to survive as long as possible, which can be done by collecting supplies and shooting down zombie hordes. All you need to do is tap anywhere on the screen and it will release some ammo at the location selected.

You have a choice of how you want to play, and there is a variety of different types of zombies for your shooting pleasure. The game features 3D graphics with realistic sound effects that will make this one addictive zombie-killing experience. You can also customize the gun from the wings, body color, nose cone color, and more.

Shooting action games have been endlessly developed with many interesting elements and possibilities for players to discover and enjoy. Fixed-angle shooters are a new movement that is very much appreciated by mobile platforms.

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Their simple controls and content make them a refreshing alternative to FPS games. We will be introducing a new game called Zombie Gunship Survival. The player completes all quests, kills the target, and assists teammates. Finally, everything is completed on an AC-130 gunship.

Zombie Gunship Survival APK – Overview & Guide

Zombie Gunship Survival is different from other shooting action games in that the player controls a gunship and not an average person. Their mission is to protect the ground units with their advanced weapon systems from any danger. Many tactical elements are integrated into the game.

The player can directly control the ground unit and create the logical path. It is easier than you might think to control a gunship since most activity is restricted to hovercraft and mounted guns.

The mission the player is assigned will vary depending on what they are doing, but the game is still entertaining and new to the community.

Protect Your Ground

The primary mission of the player is to defend the ground army using special weapons, despite the variety of missions. The game introduces a unique gunship mechanic that allows the player to change weapon systems to support ground units.

You have many options to kill zombies, as the entire weapon system can be divided into three categories: launcher, large cannon, and autocannon.

Every weapon has a different power, so even the player must be able to use firepower in a sensible way when there is not enough ammo. This demonstrates tactical elements in gameplay and allows players to access more appealing mechanics in a gunship.

Extra Operation

It can get tedious if you only have to control the gunship. The game now allows you to equip ground units. There are many ground unit weapons and equipment, and you can earn rewards for completing missions.

Players can use the materials they have left over to make or upgrade weapons. This will improve their overall gunship and ground unit combat performance.


Zombie Gunship Survival will present the main function for survival: building bases and exploiting resources. Every activity of the player requires a certain amount of resources. Even building a base needs to be resource-intensive. A base is a crucial place for the player, and it is also where the majority of the overtime is done.

The player must take some time to build a weapon. During that time, they can keep working on base development. Players must defend their base during critical events. Zombies can randomly spawn and take over the base.

Extra Caution

There are many scary things and impressions in the zombie world. The worst is the mutated zombies that will appear constantly to hunt down the ground troops.

The goal of the player is to eliminate all zombies. However, it is important to be precise when the weapon system uses physical mechanics or attacks from afar. Every type of zombie is resistant to different types of attacks. Players can devise effective strategies and plans depending on the situation.

Expand All Lands

Conquests will be added to the game. Players can use it to expand their campaign and increase the range of their gunship. The player will unlock new areas as they play.

It is the player’s job to loot everything and wipe it all. A generous reward system will be offered based on player achievements, and it will give the player a huge boost in building the gunship. All player activities consume resources and will require some time to recharge to hunt for zombies.

Download For PC, iOS, Mac, Linux

We are delighted to introduce you to the Zombie Gunship Survival APK, a new game-changing app that will make your day. This is not just one of those regular apps with some cool features and graphics; this is an app that’s going to change everything.


Zombie Gunship Survival introduces gunship elements to the game’s gameplay. The gunship can be used to raid a specific area and is known as a mobile fortress.

The game features a 3D graphics engine that is full of physics. This makes the gunship look impressive and allows for more natural interaction with the environment. This makes the game one of our favorite action games.

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