Zao APK Video Editor For Android, Mobile technology has made smartphones more user-friendly and more powerful. Most users are able to perform many tasks using the default apps.

ZAO is one of the most effective and modern applications for editing mobile videos. It makes it possible to insert your face into old movies using the latest algorithms and technologies.

ZAO rose up the Chinese app charts within a matter of days. It is being used all around the globe. We provide all information about ZAO Apk as well as the link to download it for free. Let’s get started.

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What is ZAO?

Zao apk

ZAO functions as a video editor. The useful tools available allow users to edit the video as they wish. You can easily add effects to the video or change their colors with normal applications.

You will need to install more powerful programs on your computer to make the video look different. ZAO, however, is an excellent application that can be used to change the faces of characters within videos.

It can be used to insert your face and other characters in videos, without needing editors on your computer.

ZAO app has intelligent AI that allows for face recognition. You can watch them perform in famous movies. This technology could be called Deepfake, so many people will search for it with the name ZAO Deepfake. Google Play Store is also the best choice for such an amazing game.

Key Features

  1. Simple editing is an easy tool. It’s not as complex as editors on the PC. To complete the task quickly, you only need one finger.
  2. Many formats are supported you can search the internet for videos in many formats. ZAO supports all formats, so it is easy to open and edit them.
  3. Stability and efficiency are compatible with all mobile devices. It does not require a high-end phone to run it.

How to install ZAO APK on Android?

Zao apk

ZAO is an Android application that’s free to download. It is easy to download using the link at end of the article. Before downloading it, please ensure that your internet connection is stable.

Next, follow the steps below to install it.

  • Remove an old version from your device.
  • Allow installation from an unknown source: Phone settings, Security, “Unknown Sources”
  • To install automatically, click on the ZAO APK file.
  • Log in to the application after you launch it.

How to log in to ZAO on Android phones?

ZAO currently supports Chinese only. To use this application, you must be logged in. To use this application you’ll need to log in with a Chinese number.

Follow the below instructions:

  • Open the ZAO app on your Android smartphone.
  • You can get a Chinese phone number through websites like ( and
  • Enter your phone number and password to get the code. The code will be sent via email to the virtual number provided on the website.
  • Log in to your account and start using it.

Notification: To translate the app into English, users can use App Translator. Get it here. (I will also include a link to it at the bottom).


ZAO is an excellent and efficient application for editing videos. It offers a variety of interesting experiences. Videos will make the experience even more enjoyable for users.

To surprise them, you can share your unique works. If you found this app interesting, please leave a review. Keep checking our website for more apps and games. Have fun and thanks.

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