Wiseplay Premium, a multimedia player, is available on multiple platforms. It can be used with many video formats and playlists. Its smooth surface is thanks to its ease of use

You can use DLNA or Chrome to transfer content from a mobile device to a TV. As long as the video format is compatible, it is possible. When you are connected to the same network, icons are automatically displayed.


These are the most popular types of videos due to AAC, AVI and ASF, AM, and HEVC. M3U8, MKV. MOV. MP3, MP3, MPG, MP4, MTS, Ogg RM, RMVB. TS. VP9 Supports HTML, HTML, HTML MS, RTP, and RSSSP, among other

Video List

Wiseplay Premium compatible Content compatible with Chromecast devices and DLNA on TV.

wiseplay apk

Android TV Version for TV and AndroidTV Devices

VR Player Your Videos In 3D Games Or Virtual Reality Format It’s easy to select a video from our gallery or follow the link to connect your VR glasses. We have also included Cinema Mode so you can view any VR video.


Wiseplay Premium does not include content. This means you are responsible to load your videos. Wiseplay Premium is not responsible for any video files downloaded by users.

Do not use this application to access the illegally protected content of the visually exploited group.

Allow them to be paid in-app with Wiseplay Premium ads. This payment guarantees that the advertisement will be removed.

You can only play audio and not show your videos. Please disable “HW acceleration” from the settings menu.

Terms & Conditions

  • – Wiseplay Premium does not contain or distribute multimedia content
  • – The user’s content must be played
  • – Wiseplay Premium is not connected. does not work with catalog authors.
  • Voices cannot playback audio material without permission from the legitimate authors


  • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: To determine if an internet connection exists,
  • ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: To start a WiFi network.
  • CHANGE_WIFI_MULTICAST_STATE: permission to detect DLNA devices on the network
  • Internet Access: It is vital to have access to online content.

READ_PHONE_STATE: The device that receives a phone call to identify it and stop the playback of content.

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Provides a loaded list and local video in the device in the memory.

  • Single – (c) Copyright Blender Foundation | durian.blender.org
  • Tears of Steel – (c) Copyright Blender Foundation | mango.blender.org
  • Big Buck Bunny – (c) Copyright Blender Foundation | peach.blender.org

What’s new?

This release has many new and improved features. Visible’s official website contains a complete list of all new features.

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Wiseplay Premium 72.2 (Full Version) Apk + Android 2021 Apk Free Download for Android Full Version and Wiseplay Premium 72.2 (Full Version) Apk + Android 2021 Mod Apk available here.

You can download Wiseplay Premium 7.2.2 (Full Version) Apk +Arm64 for Android 2021 Mod Apk from here. Wiseplay Premium 72.2 (Full Version) Apk + Android 2021 MOD Apk, and Wiseplay Premium 72.2 (Full Version) Apk + Android 2021 Mod Apk can be downloaded here. Simply choose the Apk you want and then download it.

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