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UNO Apk is now available on your mobile device. It features new rules, tournaments, and modes of play. UNO! (TM), whether you are a veteran player or a complete novice, it has something for everyone. UNO! (TM), the card game mixer is a family-friendly card game that can be played anywhere and anytime.
UNO! (TM) celebrates 50 years’ worth of great memories with friends and family through this classic card game. This is a limited-time event so don’t miss this chance to join us for the 50th Anniversary Contest.

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UNOSongProject: Be part of the UNO! (TM) legacy. Participate in the fun and submit or vote for your UNO! (TM)-a themed song! The UNO! (TM), The Song Project winner will receive a cash prize and can participate in our online award ceremony.

Set. Ready. UNO Apk

You can play the classic card game UNO! (TM), or you can choose from a range of house rules for real-time matches.
Participate in tournaments or events to earn rewards and rise the leaderboards
Get together with friends or colleagues to partner up and lay in 2v2 mode.
Connect with your family and friends anywhere, anytime in UNO! (TM), Clubs
Celebrate the UNO! (TM) 50th Anniversary with UNO! The UNO! (TM), the team has planned many surprises and events to welcome the 50th-anniversary celebrations!
Play big or go home with the All-In Mode: UNO Apk. This mode allows you to bet on any amount. You can win coins or none!

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The Classic Game at Your Fingertips
Are you new to UNO? (TM), or just want to play your favorite card games? Tap Quick Play to start a new game using the classic UNO! (TM) rules.

Rule Your Room

Invite friends and family to Room Mode. You can also set your house rules. To send a +4 Wild back to the player who played it, play new cards such as “Wild Punch”. You can also use “Stack” rules to watch as one player stacks cards in their hand. UNO Apk is a fun, family-friendly party that anyone can join.

Get along with a friend

Partner with a friend, family member, or colleague to fight in 2v2 mode. To beat the other team, help each other reduce your hand (or that of your partner) to zero.

Connect, Chat, and Yell UNO! (TM)
Get in touch with your friends through UNO! (TM), and send gifts to each other. Create a strategy and cheer one another on!

Real-Time Matches Galore

Participate in tournaments or special events to earn free prizes Show off to your family and friends by topping the leaderboards!

Go Wild – It’s not true!

This mode is as crazy as UNO! (TM). This model is a radical departure from the traditional one. It features house rules, two-deck play, and winnings of up to 200x what you put in. You can win big, or you go home empty-handed in this wild game mode. Are you up to the challenge?


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