Torque Pro Apk

Torque Pro Apk, There are many people who have their own cars. Common problems occur more often. To turn your smartphone into a personal tracker, you will need an app to install. Car tracking devices can sometimes be more difficult to track and discreet than they are if it is becoming a part of the phone you use frequently. There are still some features that can’t be integrated into regular cars.Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car).


This application Torque Pro Apk can be used by most cars, from the 2000s to the current models. However, some of the best models of 1996 may also work. You can find OBD 2 information by looking for the manufacturer “OBD2” on your first flight engine. This is an indicator that the application will work with your transport.

This app Torque Pro Apk is for adults who have a car or are capable of operating a large vehicle. The app is minimalistic to allow users to quickly learn how it works and participate in traffic. It has been designed to be as similar to cars in terms of features and optimization. This will make it easy for users to get familiar with the features.

This is one of the most trusted apps from Ian Hawkins, with more than 1 million downloads on Google Play. You can find useful applications directly in your store. These applications can be used to view the controls of your car’s engine. Information indicates that the “Torque Pro” (OBD 2 & Car), is the paid version, while the “Torque Lite” (OBD 2 & Car), is the free one. They are nearly identical, although the Pro version will surely have more advanced features. The pro version of our apk file has been unlocked.

Torque Pro Apk

The main features of Torque Pro Apk

Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car), an application that simulates the controls of a car’s engine, is available. Only one Bluetooth connection is required to download and install apps and settings. The app will instantly read all parameters and allow you to track the car as it moves. The app’s built-in feature allows you to check all Fault Codes.

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This application Torque Pro Apk will also display all sensor parameters. These parameters can be used to identify the problem with their device. You can easily see the indicators for the Dial (Needle), Dial(Meter), and Bar display on the screen to determine if your device is functioning properly. You can create custom Dashboards to allow users to track their phones and replace the built-in features like speed, fuel consumption, engine temperature, etc. It also allows you to track the cars’ index by determining the route.


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