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The escapiest apk

The Escapist Apk is a great choice if you’re looking for a game that is easy to learn and still feels rewarding when you complete the challenge. The Escapist: Prison Escape. You have been convicted of a terrible crime. Can you survive and function for a time? This game is an escape from a prison sandbox where you will live a challenging life behind bars.


The Escapist Apk: Prison Escape, a popular prison simulation game. You’ll play the role of a prisoner who has been convicted and will end up in prison. You will need to find a way to escape from the prison world and learn how to live with the constraints of being in prison. You must escape your cell to get out of jail and earn lots of money. Your challenge is to overcome thousands of prison officers that will try to stop you. You will need to be able to think for yourself and use your brain to escape the cell.

YOUR MISSION IN The Escapist Apk

The Escapist Apk is a game where you as a prisoner must find a safe and intelligent escape route. All actions are conducted under the watchful eye of suspicious guards. The prison will make you live a routine. You will face four walls daily, from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed, and be required to attend breakfast, lunch, dinner, work, the gym, the bath, and the workout. Guards will quickly resent you for straying from their strict schedule, such as fighting, fighting, and stalking another inmate.

The Escapist Apk GAMEPLAY

To escape prison, The Escapists require strategy and wisdom. To ensure your safety, you should be at least five steps ahead of your pursuers. According to the game’s creator, there is no right or wrong way to escape. To escape the prison cell, you can take plastic spoons or forks from the cafeteria. You could also escape your cell by walking around your campus as a gardener and finding a way to get a job as an independent tailor.

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To escape prison quicker, you will need to work on your RPG attributes by The Escapists. A stupid criminal will not be able to overcome it despite your weakness and slowness. Intelligence is crucial because it takes a certain amount of intelligence to be able to create certain items in the game. You must also increase your ability points over time.

After hours of hard work, this game is satisfying and provides hours of entertainment. You will feel satisfied if you plan your escape. The developer says that the game is a standalone application that lets you create and share your prisons. Although you may not wish to live in one of the game’s prisons you will enjoy visiting their cells and learning a lot about them.

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