SpaceDesk APK turns your Android tablet, phone, or Chromebook into an advanced display for Windows PCs and Surface tablets. Android devices display the Windows Desktop screen content.

How To Use SpaceDesk APK

SpaceDesk APK Multi Monitor Display Extension Get Download Free


Spacedesk is a new application for Android that allows you to use your screen space more effectively. Whether you’re using one monitor or multiple monitors, Spacedesk will optimize your screen estate and maximize productivity in the workplace. This app provides features like virtual desktops, tabs for multi-tasking, and shortcuts for fast access to apps.

With Spacedesk installed on your device, there’s no need to switch between several windows as it gives users the ability to move them around their screens with just a simple drag & drop gesture!

It also comes with other useful features such as a floating keyboard and window resizing without changing the position of the original app window.

How to Download SpaceDesk Drivers?

spacedesk apk

The internet is a great resource for finding information, but it can also be overwhelming. There are so many sites that offer so many different solutions to the same problem. You may not know where to start. If you need drivers for your space desk, this blog post will help you find them quickly and easily!

Uninstall SpaceDesk APK

Uninstalling Spacedesk is as easy as 1-2-3. Just follow these steps:

1) Download the uninstaller from

2) Run the program and click on Uninstall

3) All done!

You should now be free of our software, but if you ever want to use it again, just install it like any other program and enjoy your new work environment! Remember that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose by trying out SpaceDesk for yourself.

SpaceDesk Tutorial

This article will teach you how to watch a SpaceDesk tutorial on YouTube. First, open your favorite internet browser and go to the SpaceDesk YouTube channel.

Then, find the video that you want to watch and click on it. Next, click “watch” in the top right corner of the screen while watching for about 15 seconds before clicking “play.”

Finally, hit play when prompted by Youtube’s autoplay feature or press the spacebar if playing from your keyboard. The video should now be playing!

What are some other tutorials people would enjoy? Let’s talk about how to set up a Gmail account!

A Quick Guide to Download SpaceDesk APK

spacesesk apk

  • Windows Desktop Extension (x10­sion)
  • Windows Desktop Duplication (screen mirroring/cloning)
  • 1. Spacedesk DRIVER software is installed on Windows Primary PC (server).
  • 2. Install this app space desk (remote display), an app for the Secondary Machine (client).
  • 3. Connect to your Windows Primary PC (server) by opening the space desk app network connection: Client and server must be connected to the same LAN or WAN.

Other connections

  • via Mobile Hotspot
  • via USB Tethering
  • Not required to have an internet connection

The Secondary Machine/Device (Android network client)

Android tablet or phone that runs the space desk Android application.

The network

Windows Primary Machines to Secondary Machines or Devices over LAN (Local Area Network, e.g. Ethernet) or WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network).
You can connect to the network via wired or wireless internet. It is necessary to use the TCP/IP network protocol.

Similar alternatives to wireless display technology

  • AirPlay
  • Miracast
  • WiDi

Connect Android Device

The Android device will detect the Windows desktop app and automatically start you can use it. Connect the Android device to transform it into a touchscreen display.

Direct Network Cable Connection

You can achieve exceptional performance and display quality, with zero lag by avoiding WiFi routers. You can use USB tethering or WiFi Hotspot, or a direct network cable connection. For more info see:

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How To Use Touchscreen

  • Touchpad (relative touch).
  • Touchscreen (absolute touch).
  • Touchscreen interfaces can be “clicked” using mouse pointer control.
  • Gestures such as pan, zoom, two-finger scrolling, and pan are not supported yet.
  • Multi-monitor video walls can be equipped with a single, mirror, extension, or multiple displays.
  • You can choose the location of the extended display relative to the computer’s optional auto rotation (which can be disabled)
    Auto orientation works when Android is turned (works both in landscape and portrait modes).
  • Secondary or primary display screen

Handy Use Cases

  • You can show your favorite gadgets on Android, such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.
  • Your Android screen can be used as a rendering screen to create AutoCAD, Photoshop, and other applications.
  • Your Android screen can be used to display Word, Excel, and PowerPoint side-by-side
  • To read documents in portrait mode, use your Android screen
  • You can read your favorite publications on your Android screen.

SpaceDesk Alternative Android Application

The post is going to compare and contrast the best SpaceDesk Alternative android application. The first app will be Desklamp Free, which has a very simple interface that provides you with three different brightness settings for your screen depending on what time of day it is.

It also features an easy-to-use timer as well as a battery saver mode. Next up is Solar Charger Pro which offers some additional features such as white noise, customizable colors, and night mode.

Finally, there’s Light Lux which doesn’t have quite as many options but has really cool visuals for when you want to go into “night mode.”

Windows Network Display Monitor Software

Spacedesk is a new way to work, with the flexibility of how you are able to use your desk. It’s designed for the modern office worker who needs some space in an often cramped environment.

With Spacedesk, you can move it around so that you’re not always looking at a wall or other people when working. This will help make it more productive and enjoyable for those of us who need some space.

How do I use the space desk on my PC?

Spacedesk is simple enough – just download our app from iTunes/Google Play Store (depending on what type of device you have) and follow the instructions! You’ll be up and running in no time! Here are some features


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