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The SoulCalibur APK Application is a game that has been developed to help players battle with friends and strangers in the SoulCalibur universe.

Players can customize their warriors, collect gear and weapons, train skills, and level up their characters through multiplayer matches or single-player duels. There are also other modes such as a robust campaign mode where players can explore the world of Soul-Calibur by completing quests for various rewards.

SoulCalibur APK Get Mod OBB Premium Latest Version Download

This app was created by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., an international company that strives to provide entertainment products on a global scale.

The SoulCalibur APK  was released in 2018 for iOS devices only but there are plans in place to release it on Android devices soon after its initial release date which will allow more. SOULCALIBUR 3D Fighting Games are the best!

SoulCalibur APK Requires 200MB of free space. Recommended downloading via Wi-Fi. The eternal story of swords and souls that transcend time and space is now available.

Story of SoulCalibur APK – Features & How to Download

Soulcalibur apk

In 1998, the series was first seen in arcades. It was ported to home consoles the next year. Google Play now has the critically acclaimed SOULCALIBUR series.

You can now enjoy the unforgettable characters and action SOULCALIBUR which is known for incomplete arcade fidelity from the comfort of your home. SoulCalibur APK uses Google Play Game Service to create achievements and leaderboards.

Arcade Battle

Original battle mode from the arcade version “SOULCALIBUR”. All enemies must be defeated and you will prevail in the final.

Time Attack

What speed can you beat the game at?


How many enemies can you defeat when you have a finite amount of time?

Extra Survival

What number of opponents can you defeat and not take any damage?


Take a look at a wide range of artworks


Learn the basics of the game and master your technique.

Additional Features

  • A 19-character roster
  • Every character is faithfully recreated.
  • A brand-new virtual gamepad that was specifically designed for fighting games.
  • It’s exactly the same layout as you remember.
  • Other models than those mentioned above and OS versions before that mentioned above are not supported.
  • The software can be unstable depending on the usage conditions. This is true even for recommended models.
  • Operation is not guaranteed for the latest OS version, even if it’s the recommended OS.

SoulCalibur APK – OBB + Data Full Game

soulcalibur apk

SoulCalibur APK is a fighting game that was released in 1998 by Namco. It has been rated as one of the best games of all time and has sold over 8 million copies to date. This article will teach you how to download SoulCalibur APK for android devices so you can enjoy it again or play it for the first time!

It’s easy, just follow these steps: Download an emulator from the google play store (we recommend “Nesoid”) Search “Soulcalibur” on Nesoid Play your new favorite fighting game!

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How to Play SoulCalibur Mod Android Application?

SoulCalibur is a fighting game developed and published by Namco. SoulCalibur was first released in 1995 for the arcades, then ported to various home consoles.

The latest release of Soulcalibur VI came out on October 19th, 2018 with the Arcade Version released later this year on November 1st. Playing as characters from different time periods such as medieval Europe or Ancient Greece, players use their chosen character’s weapons to fight against each other in one-on-one battles.

In the game, you can choose your fighter from a variety of options that include Kilik, Mitsurugi, Sophitia, and more! SoulCalibur APK has had many releases over its 20+ years including Soulcalibur I (1995), Soul Caliber II

Soul Calibur 2 & 3 APK – What’s New & How to Download

Soul Calibur 2 is a famous fighting game that was developed by Namco. This game has been released in the year 2003 and it’s still popular among gamers.

In this article, we will show you how to download Soul Calibur 2 on your Android device so that you can have fun with this amazing gaming experience.

The following steps are: Open Google Play Store and search for “Soul Calibur” in the search bar or just tap here. Tap the install button to start downloading the latest version of the Soul Calibur 2 android application -After installation completes, go to your app drawer and open SoulCalibur2 from there.

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