If you’re looking for a new app to download, I recommend the QuickThoughts APK android app. It is an excellent way to record your thoughts on the go. You can also attach photos or videos and add emoticons!

The application has several features that make it easy to share with others or keep track of your favorite posts. If you have any questions about this post, feel free to comment below!

QuickThoughts APK Get Download Latest Version Online Free

Take Surveys and Earn Gift Cards Rewards app 2.25.0 for Windows (10.8,7, XP), PC/Laptop, Bluestacks, or Android emulator. It is a Lifestyle app that Survey Sampling Intl has created. LLC.

QuickThoughts APK – How to Download (Quick Review)

Take Surveys and Earn Gift Cards Rewards 2.25.0 This is the latest version of QuickThoughts – Take Surveys and Earn Gift Card Reward apk. It is easy to download.

This page contains QuickThoughts – Take Surveys to Earn Gift Cards Rewards apk details and permissions. Click the download button to download QuickThoughts APK – Take Surveys To Earn Gift Card Rewards apk.

We only share the original, unmodified apk file. It is safe to download and does not contain any viruses. Please let us know if you have any issues.

About QuickThoughts APK

QuickThoughts gives you iTunes gift cards for free! Redeem your rewards for $10 gift cards when you’re on the move!

You can choose from thousands of surveys on your smartphone, or you can check in at local stores and take photos to earn gift card rewards while on the move. You can choose from many different surveys and polls, from short surveys to more in-depth questions. You can also engage in real-life GPS-based activities to earn gift certificates at your favorite stores.

You can earn up to $3 per survey, while local activities are worth up to $5. You can redeem your $10 for an iTunes gift card.

Enjoy having fun, sharing your thoughts, and getting rewarded with QuickThoughts APK

QuickThoughts APK

Participate in Surveys to Get Free Gift Cards

QuickThoughts APK provides paid surveys on hundreds of topics from thousands of sources. There are endless opportunities to earn iTunes gift card rewards for simply sharing your opinions with genuine sources that value them.

Please Share Your Opinion

QuickThoughts APK is a partner with companies who want to hear your opinion to improve their products and services. You can help make a difference and get some rewards.

Get up to $3 per Survey

Every survey is unique, as is every reward. You may be compensated more for longer polls or in-person activities, but shorter surveys will give you an immediate boost to your balance. You can exchange your points for a gift card when you reach $10 in points.

Redeem points for iTunes gift cards

You can trade in points earned from surveys to get free iTunes gift cards. Your in-app wallet dollar amount is the same as what you will receive in your iTunes wallet. There are no hidden exchange rates or hidden fees.

Get Involved in Local Photo Activities

You can use the “Find Local Activities” feature to scan your area for possible location-based surveys. You can then travel to nearby areas and give feedback to retailers via fun photo activities. For as little as $5, you can earn a survey that will lead to an adventure.

Local businesses and marketing agents want to thank you for sharing your opinions! You can take quick polls on your phone, or go out into the field to complete photo surveys. Once you have exchanged your points, you will receive a free iTunes gift card!

  • Earnings could be yours right now Get QuickThoughtsQuickThoughts today and share your thoughts!
  • It is simple and secure to sign up. You must be at least 18 years old. Not available in all countries


  • The application uses GPS in both the background and the foreground to allow you to complete surveys based on your location.
  • Continued GPS use in the background can drastically reduce battery life
  • You can disable the QuickThoughts APK location, but this will restrict survey opportunities and disable the “Activities” functionality.

App permissions

QuickThoughts APK – Take Surveys to Earn Gift Card Rewards 2.25.0 APK needs the following permissions

  • Allows applications to access network sockets.
  • The app allows you to find your approximate location.
  • The app allows you to view the exact locations.
  • Access to the camera device is required.
  • Allows you to record audio with an application
  • An application that wishes to have access to the notification policy may mark permission.
  • This allows applications to gain information about networks.
  • PowerManager WakeLocks can be used to prevent the screen from dimming or the processor from going to sleep.

Allows you to gather statistics about component usage

Declaring permission means that you intend to use the API. The Settings application can be used by the user to grant permission.

  • Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting.
  • Apps can access Wi-Fi network information.
  • Apps can be used to modify Wi-Fi connectivity status.
  • Access to the vibrator is possible.
  • This allows an application to access additional location provider commands.

How To Get More Surveys

Are you an Android app developer? Here are some quick thoughts on how to get more surveys and feedback.
The first step is to make sure that your application has a survey built in from the start. And then, when you want to collect feedback or user opinions about your app, use the built-in survey tool.

This article will look at three ways that developers can increase their chances of getting better surveys and responses.

1) by making it easy for users to fill out an evaluation form.

2) by using a variety of question types.

3) by including as many questions as possible but at a reasonable number (less than 12).

A good rule of thumb is between 4 and 8 questions, depending on the length.

Take Survey For Gift Card

We want to give you a gift card! Just complete this survey and we will email you a code. There are no strings attached, it is completely free. If you do not qualify for the survey, we can provide some other cool content on our blog so that your time was not wasted.

Survey takers will be asked how much they would spend with their gift card and what type of store they like best (online or brick-and-mortar).

The more information provided, the better chance there is of receiving a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Descargar QuickThoughts APK

In this blog post, I will be providing a brief overview of my thoughts on the following topics: – The importance of knowing your audience and their needs, and Why you should have a social media presence for your brand.

Why it is important to engage with your customers. These three points are just an introduction to what I am going to go in-depth about in this blog post.

You can find more information by reading the full article here. I hope that after reading my intro paragraph you want to continue reading!

Ratings and reviews

Rating: 3.0/5 based upon 119K+ Reviews

The app does work. However, it doesn’t tell you that it might take 5+ days for you to redeem your money. This could depend on whether you tried to redeem sooner or later.

It will also reset your time if your wait is over. QuickThoughts APK could make it obvious to everyone that they must wait for a certain time before they can cash out. The bright side is that the surveys I have taken so far have made me a lot!

I have only used this app for one day and have already made more than any other survey site/app. The payout per survey is much higher and the match rate is very good.

I was turned down for only one of the five or four surveys I attempted to take. Even though I was disqualified multiple times and with no proof, I still received a few cents for trying. I also like the yellow smiley guy as a mascot.

I found it to be a very useful app, and I have cashed it out several times. However, I haven’t received a single survey within the past year. They just say, “Sorry, we can’t find any surveys.” This is why I don’t want to keep the app. It allows me to complete surveys and earn money. The app is useless if you don’t take surveys.

This is a great way to make some extra spending money. It’s easy to do in your spare time. Sometimes the surveys can be a little bit sporadic. The reason I have rated the company a low star is that the account issues that I had were resolved after two attempts to contact the BBB and the company.

Signed up and everything went well. Was doing surveys with no problem. They then suspended my account for multiple accounts. You can only have one email account and can register it once.

So how could you have multiple accounts? I can’t claim the rewards that were earned. The customer service representative was vague in their explanation. 1 star

I spent hours filling out surveys to earn the points required to redeem a gift certificate. It gave me a blank screen when I tried to redeem it. The only option that I had was “Ok”.

I called customer service to report the situation. They took over a week to respond. Here is their response: “Unfortunately, your account activity was not accurate and attentive. We have reviewed your account and decided to suspend it.” DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE APP.

You can win money easily. But, it doesn’t tell you how long it takes to cash out. It will reset if you attempt to change it. It does payout, however, 72 hours after the first survey.

It might take some time to complete enough surveys, as not all are accepted. Don’t limit yourself to Amazon and Apple PayPal. PLEASE ADD PAYPAL

This app is 5 stars! It’s been less than a month since I started using it and I have already earned 5 Amazon gift cards worth $10 each. They all showed up in my mail within seconds of me redeeming my rewards. QuickThoughts APK would be even better if PayPal was an option, but I can always use Amazon gift certificates. :

Good, but a bit labor-intensive compared to the payout of $2.00 for 40 minutes. Looking for bigger payouts.

This app works. It doesn’t allow you to change your email. I tried to contact support to ask them to change my account (since I no longer have access to my old email), but they refused. I lost all my earnings.

This app is amazing and it’s easy to get gift certificates. Although I had a problem with redeeming the gift cards at first, I emailed customer service and they resolved it within a few days. You won’t regret buying them.

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I completed my survey and tried to redeem my Amazon card and it locked me out. I emailed support and was told it was suspicious activity. But I was honest. Don’t bother using this app. You can use current rewards or misplay to get more gift cards and even PayPal. They are 100% legitimate, unlike this app

Great ….great rewards…I just hope I can complete some surveys to get the reward ….so far, not a good fit.

I am fine with getting my survey completed and getting my time counted. When I receive a gift certificate, it will be updated. Enjoy the survey. You can complete the survey for a long time. Lisa Durden

QuickThoughts APK is getting a 1-5 star rating. I have been having problems collecting my reward. Support told me that my account was permanently suspended. I didn’t get any explanation. Don’t waste time.

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