There are many games that you can play on your Android device, but out of the vast selection, there is one game in particular that has captured the attention of players from all over the world.

The Prison Life RPG Game Application. In this game, you start as a prisoner who doesn’t know anything about his or her surroundings and has to find their way through prison life while trying to make some friends along the way.

What is Prison Life RPG?

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You can do everything from sitting down for meals with other prisoners, playing cards with them in between meal times, and going to work during different hours so it’s easier for you and your friends to get by all while still managing time wisely because if you don’t then someone might take advantage of that opportunity and hurt you or steal something from.

The game is a prison simulator that features an open world and the ability to live out your prisoner fantasies. You are able to customize your inmate, commit crimes, and interact with other inmates all while doing time in jail. The graphics are great and it’s free on Google Play for Android devices.

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How to Download Prison Life RPG Game APK

prison life apk

If you are looking for a new game to play, Prison Life RPG is an addicting and fun way to spend your time. You can download the app on both Android and iOS devices by searching “Prison Life RPG.”

The game is very easy to use as it only requires three taps to start playing. It has been downloaded over 10 million times worldwide in the last two years!

How to Play

I’m going to show you how to play Prison Life RPG Latest Version Modify Android Application with this blog post. This application is awesome and it’s a whole lot of fun!

I played for hours on end before realizing that time had passed. It’s addicting, so be careful!

With the help of this guide, you’ll learn how to download the game and get started playing it right away. With its addictive gameplay and high-quality graphics, this app will keep you entertained for hours on end without any problems at all.

What is Prison Life RPG APK – Overview & Guide

prison life apk

This is a post about the Prison Life RPG Android application. The game is based on living as an inmate in prison for various crimes and misdemeanors.

It has been available for free download from Google Play since December of 2016 but has recently had to be removed due to copyright infringement issues with HBO’s TV show, OZ – which was released between 1997-2003.

This game allows users to experience life as a prisoner in jail through a simulation that includes features such as building alliances, fighting off other inmates, and trying their hand at escape plans.

With so many features and its replayability, it’s difficult to put the game down once you start playing.” – modern jamming

This game does not have any IAP and has a huge replay value.” – download the blog

Huge game with lots of content, Solid RPG, and survival-like timetables” – indie-love

Pocket Gamer: “Prison Life RPG can be surprisingly deep.”

This game is so complex that $3.99 seems like a crime. iPhone fan – iOS App of the Week

Warden, this is Warden speaking. You are invited to the Prison where you will be SENTENCED to have fun! Can you survive the harsh prison conditions? Is it possible to escape prison before you are executed?

Some Key Features Are Followed

No Ads

Prison Life RPG Premium Game has no ads and no in-app purchases. It’s a great game!

Keep in Mind

Prison Life RPG is a Roguelike+Survival+Simulation+Role-Playing game that places you behind bars. You’ll need to be fit and healthy in order to survive the harsh penitentiary system.


You won’t feel bored with more than 100 prisoners! You can be any of the 100 prisoners you choose!


Call your grandma, watch TV, and then get on the phone to learn skills, make crafts, bully, or use the toilet.

Social Relationship

To increase your defense, fight, and escape power, make friends and join gangs. However, be aware that prisoners you have offended might beat you up, or even kill you!

There are many methods to get out of prison. All you need is the right tools and the talent to execute the perfect plan.

Prison Life RPG Mod APK Features

  • 100 prisoners to be played as each with a Personal Goal/Mission
  • 18 skills to master and learn
  • 4 Gangs that you can join to climb the ranks
  • Recruit a maximum of 7 accomplices to your escape plan
  • There are 80+ items you can collect or make
  • 126 nicknames/achievements to earn
  • 20+ different jobs
  • There are many ways to get out of prison
  • You will be buried many times.

Road To Life

Get out of jail by being a good citizen. Get early parole from a lawyer Suicide? Escape from prison with an escape group? Be the Gang leader Executed
Prisoner, you have the right to make your own decision.

Prison Life RPG APK + OBB Data File

Prison Life RPG APK is a strategy game where you have to survive in prison. The game takes place in a fictional city called Alderney City, based on the real-life location of Jersey City, New Jersey. As you progress through the storyline, your character will be able to join one of three factions:

The Prison Gangs (The North Side Posse and Los Carnales), The Guards or Freedom Fighters (a group trying to bring down the corrupt system). You can also form alliances with other players from around the world so that together you can take down all those who are against you.

There are various tasks such as smuggling contraband items between cell blocks for money and respect, and fighting other inmates or guards in an arena to earn cash.

Final Words

Prison Life RPG APK is a game about the adventures of an inmate in jail. The player gets to choose what type of person they are and then go through all of the steps that it takes to get out. Such games are also available in the google play store.

This includes getting arrested for various crimes, going to court, doing community service work or paying fines, and finally when you have served your time you can be released back into society.

You’ll need to keep track of your stats like hunger, thirst, and sleep so make sure not to neglect those needs!

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