Pokemon Rumble Rush Apk

Pokemon Rumble Rush Apk RushEnter the world of mobile gaming is excited to share with you yet another exciting adventureAdventureThatPokemonGames are well-known for their popularity. The games are designed to be navigated by players.

vast seasExploreUncharted islands these areas are home to many wild Pokemon. ExperienceFast-paced gameplay and intense Pokemon battles you can choose between your cute companion or wild ones. You’ll be able to find them all in Pokemon Rumble Rush.

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Beat them all in Pokemon Rumble Rush Apk

Pokemon Rumble Rush Apk, in comparison to other classic Pokemon games, is more of an adventure game than a brawler-type game. It is as simple as it sounds. Simple and straightforward as the game’s controls. Players will be given a Ratata at the beginning of the game to help them complete the initial stages. They can also add various pokemon they advance in the game, and they will be able to add more weapons to their arsenal. Google play store is an amazing platform for such games.

Pokemon Rumble Rush Apk is a beat-’em genre. This means that you shouldn’t expect RPG-type gameplay. There won’t be any wild grass for you to explore in search of wild Pokemon. Each stage is designed so that there is a scattered wild Pokemon in the field. You will see your Pokemon approach nearby Pokemon.

However, in order to attack them, you must first.tap your screen continuously until you defeat your enemies. You can dodge an enemy’s attack by simply moving your finger in the direction you want to avoid being hit.

There are many ways to make money. Final boss after defeating their underlings, you will be facing them at the end of each level. Not all bosses can only be defeated by eliminating wild Pokemon from an area.

Super BossesThere is some requirements you must meet that are not the same as normal. To fight the Super Boss, your Pokemon must be able to reach a certain CP level. If you don’t meet this requirement, you will need to train harder. You will have to defeat the Super Boss Pokemon in a specified time period.

Your Pokemon Rumble Rush Apk will be stronger

By acquiring Pokemon, players can upgrade their Pokemon.OreIt can be refined to make it even better power gearsAndsummon gears. If you want to conquer more terrain and defeat more bosses (especially the Super Boss Pokemon), strengthening is essential. Only one more per stage can be obtained.

To find more stages, you will need to explore the island. Guide feather. These guide feathers can be dropped by regular Boss Pokemon, so you’ll need to keep an eye out.

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Tap, tap, and tap

Pokemon Rumble Rush is a very good game, especially for players who enjoy Pokemon for the thrill of catching them all. Each island has a different type of Pokemon, and they are all replaced every two weeks. This increases the chance of you discovering new types. Pokemon Rumble Rush is a brawler-type game that encourages exploration and adventure.


  • Simple game mechanics
  • Reactive controls
  • It is a challenging stage
  • Every 2 weeks, there are new islands to discover


  • There is no multiplayer mode
  • There is a waiting period of 3-10 hours for gears
  • Refinery slots are subject to time limitations
    App specs
    No cost


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