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NetCut Pro Apk for AndroidOfficial netcut developer’s release: Notification sent to registered users of We are grateful for your patience. NetCut Pro Apk for Android is now available. You can download this version only from



The netcut Pro software is a membership-based program. Only members of have unlimited access to the features. Read HOW TO ENABLE PRO ACCOUNT. It is a pleasure to announce”’s netcut for Android”As of today, the following link is available for download:

NetCut Pro Apk

Google Smart Phone: Easy to Protect, Fast, Power, Free, Fast and Secure

NetCut Pro Apk requires root to run. If it doesn’t, NetCut won’t work. Ref here if not cut reports you are not running root how to root your Android phone.

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What can you do with Android NetCut Pro Apk?

1. You can quickly find all WIFI network users, even if your phone does not have an IP address or has not been granted WIFI internet access.’s network cut works as long as your internet connection is active.
2. Set on/offline to any network users, including phone/Xbox, softphone, PS3, PS4, etc. Just click on the network user.

3, Disable screencasting by cutting off the network between two network users in LAN. Set one user as the “gateway” and then disconnect the other users.
4. Netcut Defender built in. You can turn on or off Netcut Defender in just one click
5. If you believe there are still users on the network, scan it.
6. NetCut can help you identify the type of phone.

7. Remember the user’s name. You will be able to identify the identity of this network user whenever they appear online with you again on the same network. You can long-press any network user to bring up a pop-up window that allows you to input the name of the user.
8. Detect attacker: If anyone tries to play an arp spoof, you can see the attacker from netcut. More importantly, netcut will immediately turn the attacker off.

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