Marvel Universe is a familiar name to sci-fi movie fans and non-fans alike. Have you ever considered having a team of famous characters in the Marvel Universe? That will eventually become a reality.

Squad RPG – MARVEL StrikeforceThe super-cool action role-playing game. Join now to show off your skills and have the best experience.

What is Marvel Strike Force APK?

Scopely powers MARVEL Strike Force, an action role-playing game. This action-packed game is perfect for your smartphone. To ensure Earth’s survival, you will be able to work side-by-side with your closest friends and even sworn enemies.

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How Can I Download Marvel Strike ForceĀ  APK?

In response to the attack on our homeland, Super Heroes and Super-Villains joined temporarily the same faction to work together against an evil force that aims to destroy the Earth.

The game takes place in the Marvel Universe. This universe is a favorite among sci-fi movie fans worldwide. This game will challenge you to create your ultimate Marvel team.

These characters have their own superpowers, as well as their own skills and characteristics. They will all work together to achieve the same goal and fight the same enemy.

Strike Force APK

MARVEL Strike Force is a game that challenges players to team up with friends and arch-rivals, and assemble their own dream team of iconic Marvel Super Heroes and Super-Villains from different eras, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Panther, and Loki. Players can stop Hydra before they obtain the Cosmic Cube or battle for control of key locations in an ever-changing landscape.


In the Marvel Universe, the peaceful Earth is now under threat and surrounded by a sinister and evil force called Ultimus. This Earth will be taken over by Ultimus if it is not stopped before he does.

No one knows what Ultimus will do next but there will be no good. STRIKE’s special tools were immediately called in to help gather characters with extraordinary abilities, Super Heroes and Super-Villains, against the evil army.

MARVEL Strike Force lets you collect iconic characters from the Marvel Universe. You can choose from illustrious heroes such as Spiderman or powerfully recorded villains such as Venom. There are also common characters from other organizations like SHIELD, The Hand, and Hydra.

How to Play

This game offers many different ways to collect iconic characters. You will receive some characters right away. There are others that you will get during gameplay or as a reward.

You can unlock your character or promote it by gaining shards. These pieces can be obtained by winning matches, or by buying them in the shop. You can also level up and gain experience by completing the tasks you are assigned.

The intense battles of the MARVEL Strike force will be broken into multiple rounds. Characters with the fastest speeds will win. A player can manage an army.

This team can have a maximum number of 5 characters. They will fight until victory or defeat or until reinforcements arrive. Each character will have their own skills and attributes to defend their troops and deal damage to their opponents. You can join alliances to create a main group with up to 24 players, in either private or open modes.

Marvel StrikeĀ  APK

You will never get bored playing a game that has six different game modes. All modes can be played against AI-controlled computers, with the exception of Real-Time Arena. Here you can fight players from around the globe.

Arena mode allows you to fight armies created by other players. To compete for daily prizes, you will be fighting 5v5. Raids allow up to 24 players to form an alliance to eliminate all intersections. Other modes are equally exciting and attractive.

These forums are a storming place. To own the most popular Marvel characters, you can visit MARVEL Strikeforce. As a Super-Villain or Super-Hero, you will be able to fight the sinister forces that seek to destroy the Earth’s existence.

Marvel Universe offers hours of entertainment and enjoyment. Amazing graphics and sound effects. You’ll meet other players from around the globe and have the opportunity to chat with members of the Marvel community.


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