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Life Is Strange Apk is Strange (Unlocked All). You should definitely try this puzzle game. Square Enix products are high quality and have depth in graphics and stories. Life is Strange, which has enjoyed a lot of success on PCs and consoles, has now officially launched on the mobile platform. It is even more accessible than ever because you can easily access the world of games from anywhere.

life is strange

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Life Is Strange Apk won numerous awards. Life Is Strange Apk’s first installment, which was released on January 15, 2015, for consoles, and later the Mac has received a lot of praise. The story is about Max Caulfield, a young female photographer who sets out to find out what happened when Max’s high school friend Chloe disappeared. They do it with the ability to travel back in Max’s time.

Critics have appreciated the game’s unique decision to create two heroines instead of one. The game’s characters are well-built and attract attention. The Garden State theme music is perfect for the game with just the right amount of melancholy. Although it may sound dark, Life is Strange is not. The story also addresses social issues like bullying, addiction, and unemployment.

The story of the iOS/Android version is identical to the Mac version. Max Caufield, a photographer, was in Blackwell Academy, Arcadia Bay, Oregon at the beginning of the game. After answering the teacher’s question incorrectly, touch the screen to direct Max to the toilet. Touch again to view the poster or interact and interact with the other characters. Pull left and right to look around. Max saw a dead girl in the toilet. Max is brought back to life by this terrible incident and you are able to familiarize yourself with the unique mechanism of the game.

The gameplay of Life Is Strange Apk

Life Is Strange Apk

If you don’t like the story, you can reverse it and start over. From this point, the journey began to change Max’s history. As we all know, movies about time travel show that when you change the past, the future will also change. Each of your choices is an important factor in the fate of the characters in Life is Strange.

Graphics of Life Is Strange Apk

Life Is Strange Apk is a mobile game that tries to maintain the same interface as the PC/Console version. The game’s graphics background is not inferior to its PC counterpart. A few settings are adjusted to optimize the game for maximum comfort and maximize enjoyment.

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Are you ready to travel?

You will discover many interesting aspects in the game, aside from the great storyline and gameplay. You will be interested to learn about the details of popular culture and literary works. Yes, Max’s family has ties to Catcher in The Rye. Let’s see if we can figure out how many plates are related to Breaking Bad. The paper says Winter is Corning, and Jaws has a quote. You should stop making plans. Arcadia Bay is a place you won’t want to miss.

Life is Strange is now available in the App Store and Google Play. The links will take you to the download page.

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