The app stores currently offer a variety of game genres and different playing styles. The popularity of idle games is slowly increasing with their simple gameplay and attractiveness.

It comes down to idle gamesHotel Empire TycoonOrIdle Shopping MallThese applications are essential. The same game genre also includes idle Wizard SchoolThis a new game that has received many positive comments from its players. Let me know if you get excited about this game.

What is Idle Wizard School  APK Wizards Assemble?

You will begin with something small when you play this genre of game. You will then need to improve and develop the game. You can make virtual money by collecting objects from the beginning of the game. This money can be used to purchase better features.

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It doesn’t matter how large or small your property grows. This genre of game is slow and moderately fast. This game genre isn’t as fast-paced and intense as action games but it’s not boring.

How to Download Idle Wizard School  APK

In this blog post, I am going to be teaching you how to download the Idle Wizard School APK.

Although it sounds like a very complicated process, I will be walking you through all of the steps and providing screenshots for help along the way.

This is great that adds tons of new content to your game!

Start reading this blog post now if you want to learn more about how to download this

Idle Wizard School is a great game for Harry Potter fans. The wizard school offers fun and engaging gameplay that will allow you to discover new things.

This game’s plot and gameplay were based on several wizarding stories by the developer. You will become a wizard school student and accomplish amazing things. What could be more exciting than experiencing a whole new world?

You can use coins to build your school of witchcraft and increase its complexity. You will be given detailed instructions right from the start so that you don’t have to worry about how you play Idle Wizard School.

You should pay attention to the raw ingredients used in potion crafting so that your adventures go smoothly.

Idle Wizard School allows you to do more than simple tasks. You can also explore the magical world and build classes or dorms. There are many other features that you can take advantage of.

How to Play Idle Wizard School Pro APK

Idle Wizard School is simple and not very impressive, as I mentioned above. Its gameplay is very similar to other idle games. What makes this game so appealing?

Perhaps transforming into a student in a witch school is a long dream for Harry Potter fans. This is something that Idle Wizard School can help you achieve. This is one of the key factors that make this game so popular.

While idle games may have similar gameplay, it is possible to enter an endless cycle of making money, upgrading, and then making more money. Each player can transform it in many different ways. Your growth rate will vary depending on the path you choose.

The Idle Wizard School lets you build schools from scratch. The first step is to build a small dormitory with a train station that takes students to school.

Additional Information

The most important task you have is to improve the teaching quality in each classroom so students are more interested in learning. Your school will be more popular if students learn faster and better.

The system will not only allow you to make more money but also unlock new areas of the building. You can also choose to teach other subjects.

The gameplay at Idle Wizard School can be described as a loop. It is important to think about how you can make money and invest in cash to grow your school. Students are represented by small characters with pointed hats.

They will move through classes randomly and then study with their teacher until the class ends. The teacher will pay the fee and free up space for students.

Students who are not in class will feel bored if the teacher isn’t there. Two options are available: They wait for their turn or they move to another classroom.

You must also manage your dormitory. You can only have a limited number of rooms in a dormitory at one time. It is important to clearly define the dormitory’s size and gradually increase its capacity. The maximum level of improvement is at the dormitory.

You must increase the speed and length of your student train to allow students to regularly attend campus. Five cabins will be provided for each train, so it can arrive in just 15 seconds. Your school will be home to 80 students per minute.

Key Features of Idle Wizard School

To motivate students, upgrade and train outstanding wizards

First, you can upgrade these three main features

The class level is a measure of the quality of your school’s teaching. Higher grades will result in students paying more.

Teacher: You can view the number of classes that are being taught simultaneously with the teacher. You can only hire 5 teachers per class. You will be able to reduce the number of students who are waiting for you by having many teachers. This also means you will make more every minute.

The teacher’s salary is a measure of their work speed. You won’t have to pay them as often due to financial attrition. You will need to increase the fictitious salary by 5%. Students will be less productive if you pay them a lot.

This will allow you to quickly recruit new students within a single class hour and increase your income.

The system will display a window that contains important information to help you assess the current situation.

Grade Level

  • How many pennies per minute the class makes?
  • What is the cost of each lesson for participants?
  • How many teachers you have employed? This will help you determine how many classes you can offer at a given time.
  • Duration: How long does each session last?
  • Waiting in line: The number of students waiting in line to get their turn.
  • The system will be pleasantly surprised when you reach certain milestones (levels 25, 50, and 100, for example).
  • This game developer will give you a novel image with text that shows what your school is teaching. This feature stimulates curiosity and is very exciting.
  • Although the Harry Potter classes were the most popular, they also referenced other movies. You must play the game to detect them.

Let me give you an example of something that you might be interested in in the Pilots class. The Quidditch playground is used in this class. Students can also ride other flying objects, in addition to the broomstick.

The items range from flying cars and mats to fans that look like Aang’s stick from the movie “Avatar”. Even students can pass by a tiny cloud-like object in “Dragon Ball”. It’s quite interesting.

Click the arrows at the bottom to switch layers. This will be much easier than using the map. If you wish to upgrade a class, you won’t usually need to travel to the location of the classroom on the map.

You just need to touch a random layer. You will see a window and can use the arrow to navigate to the page that you desire.

For higher returns, accept investment

You must make a profit by investing in idle games. This is the best thing about idle games. Once you have earned a certain amount in Idle Wizard School the system will prompt you to start over.

It is possible to expand the school or other branches by starting over. You may need to spend any accumulated funds.

This is going to be extremely annoying. After I spent all of my money, I felt like I had lost everything. All I had tried to build was destroyed. Don’t worry though, because every time you make something new, there will be a high return. You can start building and accumulating what you have lost.

To upgrade to higher levels, you will need to spend a lot. These features are not available without them. Although it sounds funny, you could be as old and as rich as Dumbledore if you don’t build any other schools. I can assure you. Right now, I’m in the fifth building.

You can also experience many other features at Idle Wizard School

  • Actively upgrading buildings can increase income
  • You can still get coins even if you don’t play the game
  • Attract more students by unlocking multiple classes, upgrading the dormitory, and reaching more characters
  • Students can explore many classes in witchcraft and potion crafting.
  • To make your mage classes more interesting, complete the quests that the system gives you
  • These are some tips to help you build your wizard school quickly
  • To increase your income, pay attention to the stores regularly
  • There will be four stores located on the right side. These stores can often bring in money. These items can make a lot of money if you keep them in your collection.
  • The player can’t upgrade it or make any changes to it. They will usually bring you a steady and full income, so be assured. To keep your profits growing, remember to collect them.
  • Completion of the System-Reassigned Tasks
    The Idle Wizard School will then assign the tasks. Each of these missions is the main focus for players. These missions are very clear and provide detailed instructions. Once you know what to do, you can upgrade to a structure. You will be awarded an amount that corresponds to the difficulty level of the quest.

It is important to focus on the task at hand. Pay attention to the quest every time you are asked to improve one of your classes. You may be asked to upgrade one of your classes to a higher level, or you might have to reach a specific number of students at once. Playing for free will allow you to purchase new content and upgrade all classes for maximum profit.

Don’t Forget Mysterion, The Dragon

You may occasionally see a golden dragon at the podium, just before you enter the school grounds directly above the dorms. This dragon is known as Mysterion. You will often receive reasonable offers. To make a lot of money you will need to follow a few easy steps. Most often, this will involve watching video ads.

It will take you a while to make your decision, but you only have to spend ten seconds viewing the advertisement. You will then receive wonderful gifts. To increase your income, see the ad.

Why do I have to update the station regularly?

Students will eventually graduate and finish their courses. You must continue to enroll students to keep the magic school alive. You can invite more students by upgrading your station.

You can also make more money and increase your income from there. You will be able to see how long it takes for the train to get students to your magical school.

Is it necessary to upgrade and build more classes at Idle Wizard School

Students will have the opportunity to choose from a range of courses in each class. The tuition fees for each class will vary. Students will need to pay a specific amount depending on the course. You will make more money if you create new classes. They are more expensive than the existing classes.

Your primary source of income at a magic school is the tuition that you receive from students. You will make more money if you build more layers. Each class will be more valuable than the previous ones. The best and most expensive class you can open is the last. Let’s concentrate on this.

What benefits will I receive if I move to a new city?

You will see an increase in your income after you move to a different city. However, you need to have enough coins. Open the map view, then tap Touchez’s Next Island. The page will open with information about the island. You can adjust your income and increase it. Apart from the missions you are assigned, your primary goal is to unlock all cities.

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Final Verdict

In general, Idle Wizard School APKIt is simple to use but very appealing to players. This game is especially appealing to Harry Potter fans. It will give you the sensation of living in a magical place.

Although running a witch school is a difficult task, you will have lots of fun and learn new things. You will find it easier to follow the instructions in the game. This review should help you get ready for Idle Wizard School.


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