Follow the adventures of a brave fisherman as he sails his boat into the deepest waters to catch valuable fish. You’ll discover new aspects of fishing that aren’t possible to see in your daily activities. EnjoyHooked Inc. Fisher TycoonLion Studios’ most recent release, the great fishing game this sport is for you.

What is Hooked Inc APK Fischer Tycoon?

The gameplay of Hooked Inc Fisher Tycoon is focused more on managing fishing. Players won’t experience many fishing actions. You’ll still learn how to fish and make money by going deep into the water to catch fish by tapping on them.

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You can upgrade your boat to travel further and access more valuable fish. You can also hire fishermen to help you build your Fisher Tycoon empire.

How to Download Hooked Inc APK Fischer Tycoon APK?

It’s a game that offers players the chance to become tycoons and build their dream business empires. The developers of this game have created a number of different challenges for players to go through, with each one being designed to test the player’s skills in managing their resources, time, and talent efficiently.

In order to complete these challenges successfully, it’s important that you download Hooked Inc Mod APK Fischer Tycoon mod APK.

Hooked Inc APK Fischer Tycoon Gameplay

Hooked Inc Fisher Tycoon is a game where you aim to catch as many fishes as possible and then sell them off for cash. The more valuable the fish is, the more you will make. You can save your income to expand your business. These are some of the most fascinating features you might find intriguing:

Simple Gameplay Allows You To Enjoy The Idle Fishing Style

This game is different than other Android fishing games because it doesn’t just focus on fishing. The game will allow players to experience the daily life of a fisherman and the business side by side.

Hooked Inc Fisher Tycoon will allow you to experience a different fishing style. You’ll only need to guide your boat to the right places and then set up the baits. You’ll attract the fish to your boat by tapping on them. This makes fishing much easier even for novice fishermen.

Upgrade Your Boat And Save Money

After a trip to the sea, you can catch hundreds of fish with simple control. You can then sell the fish for cash. Keep collecting money, it will be very helpful when you reach higher levels of the game.

You can spend enough money to upgrade your fishing equipment and boats, which will allow you to fish deeper waters and catch more fish. You can also buy new boats to let your crews do the fishing. You are ready to quit fishing and start your own business.

To Expand Your Fishing Business, You Should Recruit New Fishermen

You can purchase new boats and train new sailors to assist you in your fishing business. Hire the best fishermen to manage your boats. Learn the art of management.

Discover The Deep Sea With Rare Species

There are many places in the sea that offer great fortune. The road to success is not without its challenges. To overcome these obstacles, you’ll need to be determined. You will need to upgrade your boats and prepare your crews before you can sail the oceans in search of the best prices. Find the rarest fishes and use your fishing skills to capture them. The rarest fishes can be sold for a large sum of money.

Combat The Most Difficult Fish

Don’t assume that the game is a passive fishing game. You can still catch the most valuable fish. Most cases will require you to engage in intense battles with the most difficult fish to win your prize. After exciting fish brawls, take on the challenges and increase business value.

Get New Items And Upgrades

You can purchase and collect useful items, which will give you massive boosts. These incredible boosts can be used to catch the tough fishes you’ve been trying to catch.

Play Against Players All Around The Globe

If you’re confident in your fishing skills, you can join the online multiplayer mode to take on other players from around the globe. In an idle fishing match, you can battle it out. Use your abilities, skills, and equipment to defeat your opponent.

Tournaments will also be held often to allow you to compete against another fisherman for first place and dozens of valuable prizes.

Fun And Rewarding Fishing Wheel

A successful fisherman tycoon must also have good luck. You can still try your luck with the Fishing Wheel, which offers players incredible prizes for every attempt.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the results you desire. There are many aspects that can help you.

Hooked Inc APK Fischer Tycoon Play for free

The game is currently free to play on Google Play Store. Hence, you can easily download and install it on your Android devices. To enjoy the game with thousands of other fishermen from around the globe, all you need is an internet connection.


It has a simple graphic style that is compatible with different Android models. It can be played on both a low-end and a high-end Android phone. The game’s friendly graphics are suitable for all ages. You can enjoy the game with your family and have fun.


You can enjoy the game with relatively soothing music and soundtracks that allow you to relax without having to focus intensely.



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