Plant Growing game is a great casual strategy mobile game. This game is full of content. This app was compatible with both Android and iOS devices created by LBC Studios in British Columbia.

You can grow different types of cannabis and then extract the flowers and extracts for your virtual customers. It is possible to grow cannabis and make a living from it.

To conquer the world, you will need to use weeds. High technology can help you cultivate stronger hybrids and grow plants with care. Even the most well-intentioned people, such as police officers and business people, can’t find the grass fungus.

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What is Hempire APK

Hempire APK is a new game that has been released by many players and developers. The HempireĀ  APK is one of the most popular games in the world, which can be played on android phones or tablets as well as other devices.

This game has become so famous because it includes all our favorite aspects from different genres. Players will enjoy building their own farm with plants and animals, harvesting crops to sell at the market for coins, breeding livestock to produce more food products, and finally fighting off waves of zombies who want to take what they have worked so hard for.

There are many ways you can advance your way through this game like unlocking new maps (which give you access to better resources) or even buying packs that will give you items.

It all depends on you! It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are safe just because it is legal.

HempireThis is a bizarre, unsavory story, so be ready to deal with the dark scenes of local business people and police, as well as helping elderly ladies bake chocolate cakes.


Hempire: Plant Growing GameĀ  APK is one of our most popular games. Even though the gaming industry assumes marijuana is now legal in all states, there are still many challenges. You have corrupt police officers monitoring your every move and dubious businessmen looking to make a profit off the profits you make.

  • You can also play multiplayer. The Hempire Cup is a competition against other virtual weed growers around the globe to produce the best strain.
  • In a legal cannabis world, you can start growing more strains of cannabis and make money from them. It’s not easy to reach the top and win the game.
  • Are you a potential marijuana tycoon? This is what the game does for you. You will be responsible for managing the entire marijuana production chain.
  • The cultivation of some of the most popular varieties of grass, such as Sweet Berry, Orange Bud, and Master Kush.
  • Inventing new hybrids
  • Enhance cultivation equipment and tools
  • Make many cannabis products (CBD oil, and many other things)
  • Your business can grow
  • Investing in the city or other business areas
  • You can also play online with your friends and invite them to the Hempire Cup. This will challenge you to promote new varieties of hemp.
  • Over 30 plants can be grown, harvested, sold, or collected
  • Take care of your plants. Avoid diseases and pests.
  • Each plant has a unique growth cycle
  • Attention to the daily management of lighting, ventilation, and fertilizer.
  • Chat allows you to chat with other farmers and share your harvest.
  • You can learn more and get more lucrative plants. However, it is harder to plant.
  • Increase the number of grower rankings


This app is a great way to enjoy construction simulations. After just a few minutes you will see that this app is more than a game of skill. A few plants need to be watered and processed.

Get Hashish

All of it starts in a tiny, unassuming shack. A tutorial will help you get started. A pot and seeds are all you need to grow simple hashish plants. It can be grown without any play money so you don’t have to worry if you run short.

Water is vital. It must be poured on the plants at regular intervals. It will ruin the harvest if you forget to do this. There are many extras that you can use to get more from the plants during the game.

Take Care Of The Environment

It is not clear if there will more customers if you fix unusual things in your area. You will still get an odd object for every repair. You only need to worry about broken park benches, garbage cans, and road damage in the beginning.

The first useful utensil you will find is a lamp. These can be hung directly above one of your pots to increase production.

Produce And Sell

Many people are happy to purchase your products. You can visit them often and give them what they need. You can also participate in missions that provide additional income and useful items.

Gradually you will get to know more people and unlock their houses. Your neighbor may be a hot bride and runs a workshop. You can offer your neighbor various upgrades and help her to find the right resources.

This game is more than just selling a virtual joint on the street corner. It can also make different products from your harvest, as with many farming games. What about some hash cookies or a delicious hash cake?

Produce More

You won’t get rich in a simple shack. Your greenhouse and warehouse can be expanded continuously.

This includes larger storage areas and more pots. You can increase production with a variety of technical aids.

The light allows for more growth and cooling, which leads to better yield. Many things can be automated. This game is not boring.

Plants For Your Own Use

In a caravan wrecked, there is a laboratory where we can grow new species of plants. Cross two seeds. The grain will be different. There are both simple varieties as well as legendary plants.

Your chances of making a profit are higher if they are better than you. You can sell your plants through small dealers or customers on the streets. A delivery service can be set up. It costs gemstones and they are either very rare or expensive.

Advertising And Costs

You can play the game for free, as with many other free games. There are no overlays or advertising banners. You won’t see any ads while you play the game, at least not up-to-date.

In-app purchases allow us to buy gems or money. These not only accelerate work but also provide unusual services like delivery service.

General Evaluation

The game has new gameplay that is more fun than the old one. It’s also very simple to use. It is also possible to get started for handicapped players.

You don’t have to worry about missing due to handicaps. There will be many modes and maps throughout the game. You can pick your preferred model and level of challenge. Additionally, the game allows you to experience new environments and methods. This game is very easy to play.

Many reviews affirm that empire

Plant Growing Game MOD APPIt is:

  • Simple operation, simple to use
  • Fun game challenge
  • Addictive game
  • Exquisite graphics for games
  • Strategies and Tips
  • You can make your life easier with this quick selection.
  • You’ll see the buttons at the bottom of your screen in the corner. These buttons are shortcuts to various facilities in your cannabis plantation.
  • To quickly and efficiently access and install, you just need to click the button. There will be shortcuts to your lab and home. If you wish to jump right into the growing lab immediately click the button at bottom of the row.
  • This is the quick selection area that you will want to use often. You can monitor your plants and take on other tasks while on Hempire.
    You must be aware of what happens when you plant more cannabis in Hempire. While many games run in the background, freeing you up to do more important things, this is not always the case with Hempire.
  • When you’re growing plants, make sure to be active. You will receive an additional bonus depending on how the plant was acquired each time you harvest it.
  • It is how well they were watered. There are specific waiting times for each plant. You won’t need to wait for too long to water the plant again if it takes too long.
  • This could make it difficult to water the plant correctly. You will receive at least five additional bonuses if you water it properly. While you’re farming, make sure that the game is not closed. This will allow you to be alerted when something is in need of watering.
  • Fluency can be improved
    This can be mentioned as a bonus, but we feel it should be stated separately because it is about mastery.
  • You will be able to grow plants better if you know how to water them correctly and when the best time is. You will see a steady increase in the number and quality of your buds as you master them.
  • You also have a better chance of finding Epic Buds, so it is important to water your plants regularly.
  • Complete tasks with reward items.
    You can choose from a variety of offers through Hempire, which will give you great rewards in return. It is important to understand the rewards before you accept any task.
  • You will usually only have cash and XP to close a deal. Some tasks, however, will give you the opportunity to win materials and other essential items as a reward.
  • These tasks will be more rewarding than others, so you need to prioritize them. If you want to expand your shed, boards and nails are necessary.
  • While it is possible to fix benches and get these items, many people have noticed that it is more beneficial to close a marketplace than to keep improving the seats. The latter is the best approach. It’s much harder to get those nails and boards.
  • If you don’t have enough money, then you should focus on making offers that will earn you items and not suggestions that only make you money. We’ll show you how to make more money.

How To Grow Hempire Plants Intelligently

Before we tell you what you should do, Handy Mandy’s store will be the first building that you unlock after the tutorial.

Mandy will make improvements to your shed or growing space once you have visited this store. You will also be able to unlock additional features such as a temperature control unit. Once you have installed the lights, these vital bonuses will be available to your plants.

The temperature unit is the one that allows you to adjust the indoor temperature in your grow house. It will allow you to select the right temperature range for your plant.

This is important to remember! Planting multiple plants of the same species is a great way to maximize your harvest. This will enable you to grow different types at the same temperature.

Get The Best Out Of Cannabis On The Streets

Wanda’s offers are a huge help once you have reached a certain stage in Hempire. You can get the same deals as street vendors, but you will have more time to finish them.

There are no bonus items. The good news is that you can make a lot of money by using standard offers once the proposals are closed.

Note that Wanda’s time slots have a 10-minute payback period. It is important that you complete your transactions as soon as possible.

Final Words

Hempire is a brand new mobile game for Android and iOS that focuses on your adventures growing marijuana. This is your chance to create unusual varieties of marijuana, make friends and foes along the way and take control of the weed town. You can also try Bid Wars and Weed Factory Idle.

If you need assistance getting started, check out our Hempire reviews and tips. These tips can help you make the most of your gaming days.

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