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GTA Apk is one of Rockstar’s biggest titles ever developed, the game was first released in 2004 and since GTA San Andreas has been one of the most played games of all time and the best part is, it’s available for android. Throughout all this time GTA San Andreas has botched in several awards for its awesome gameplay, characters, storyline, and huge open world with boundless interactions and not to mention, it was the bestselling title of the year 2004.

GTA Apk San Andreas Story

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It all begins with Carl Johnson’s departure from Ganton. His brother Sweet, leader of the Gang “Grove Street Family”, holds him responsible for Brian’s death. CJ, fed up with the drug and crime-ridden lifestyle, decides to live a peaceful and happy life free from the gangs of Liberty City. Unfortunately, after five years, CJ hears the sad news that Beverly, his mother, has died.

GTA San Andreas Apk

CJ decides that he will go back to his mother’s funeral. Upon arriving at the airport, he decides to get a cab to return to his mother’s home. However, Frank Tenpenny and CRASH, corrupt cops, stop him and threaten him with being wrongly accused of the murder of another cop.

CJ returns to his roots and attends his mother’s funeral. He promises that he will uncover the truth about his mother’s death. CJ soon discovers that Sweet, his older brother, was losing control over the streets and that rival gangs were in charge of all the illegal business in the city. CJ decides that he will help his brother, and his childhood friends, regain their strength. He also plans to find out the truth about his mother’s murder and seek revenge.

Soon CJ is working with Big Smoke and Sweet to control the streets. They spray the gang tags and scare off other dealers. His efforts to get “Grove Street back on its feet pay off eventually and all of the Ballas territories are now under his control.

CJ discovers with Cesar a dark secret. The drive-by shooting that resulted in his mother’s death was intended for Sweet, his brother Sweet, and was orchestrated by Smoke and Ryder, his childhood friends who have been working for CRASH as well as the Ballas. CJ finally takes revenge for his mother’s murder by killing both the traitors.

GTA Apk Gameplay

GTA Apk is, like all the other GTA games in this series, a third-person (CJ-based) open-world game. Many new and improved features make it more fun and story-based.

You can explore an open-world area barefoot or with hundreds of vehicles, including cars, trucks and bikes, planes, helicopters, hovercrafts, jets, tanks, and more. Rockstar even gave players more abilities, such as climbing walls or swimming underwater (something other games did not have). We will go into detail about all these amazing features.

Some things are permanent, however, which is why the mission-based storyline makes it easy to progress through the game by completing certain missions and tasks. Based on these missions, new abilities, items, and city areas can be unlocked, which adds an element of freshness to the game.

Apart from the missions, there are many other things players can do. They can customize their rides, fly jets, or mess around with pedestrians.

GTA Apk features

Rockstar has added tons of amazing features to the program.GTA San Andreas APKThis is the moment all GTA fans have been waiting for. Here’s a list of some of the amazing new features and vehicles in the game.

There are many mini-games available. Players can play pool, basketball, and other classic arcade games, just like in the old days.
There are many casino games where players can win fast money by gambling.
GTA Apk adds bicycles to the mix, which gives us a whole new system of vehicle controls.
The game now offers a whole new line of vehicles that include ATVs, harvesting vehicles, jets, and tow trucks.
The game also features new skills and abilities that allow players to use their imaginations to create new characters. CJ can now swim underwater, something we’ve all been waiting for, and also climb walls and jump across fences.
GTA San Andreas APK has been updated with new weapons and a weapon shooting system.
There are tons of new weapons, such as homing missiles that CJ can use for locking and destroying enemies.
The health system has been improved, unlike previous GTA games. You need to make sure CJ has enough food and exercise from time to keep him in shape. He could lose weight and get skinny, but not too much or he’d throw up.
You can customize your car with the help of car customization garages.
Cloth shops are where players can purchase new clothes and accessories.
Barbershops, where a player can change his hairstyle
A gym has been added where players can exercise to build muscles.
The Game AI has been greatly improved. NPCs now respond to their environment and can converse with you.
With all the great features Rockstar has included in the game, it’s impossible to list them all.

GTA SA APKIt has attracted millions of players from all over the globe, and even though it has been more than a decade old, players continue to play the game in 2020, making it one of the most popular games in history.

GTA San Andreas File information
Version v2.00
Size 26.6 MB
Root Require No
Total Downloads 5,00,945+
Developer Rockstar Games
Download GTA San Andreas APK

How to Install GTA Apk

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You have decided to download the game now that you’re here. Downloading GTA San Andreas APK can be done in a few easy steps. Follow these steps to enjoy the game within no time.

Step 1: Open the settings menu on your phone to enable “Allow download from unknown sources”.

Step 2Click on the Download button to get the files.

Step 3Wait for the download process to complete. Once it is completed, the.Apk file will be displayed.

Step 4Simply open the.apk file to install the game on your smartphone.

Step 5:You just need to wait for the installation process to complete. Once it is done, you can enjoy the game on your smartphone!

GTA San Andreas App For iOS

Many of you may be wondering if this game is also available for IOS. It is, and it’s great! It’s a big market in that many people play games on their IOS phones, so Rockstar decided to make a game that can run on both platforms to reach as many users as possible.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is available for IOS users from the moment it was made publicly available. The game looks amazing with the high-quality visuals that IOS devices typically support. The optimizations made for the IOS platform make the game run as smoothly as ever, making it even more impressive than its performance on android devices.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has thousands of downloads from the Appstore. This is why the game remains a favorite and cherished by people almost two decades after its release.

Is GTA San Andreas available for IOS?

The IOS version of this game is not free for those who wish to download it on their IOS devices. The IOS version will cost $6.99, which is reasonable considering that it’s one of the most popular open-world games available on the Appstore. Click the button below to download the game.

How do I download GTA San Andreas on IOS?

GTA San Andreas can be downloaded on IOS devices in the same way as the Android download. Follow these simple steps to get the download started.

Step 1: Visit the download this page.

Step 2Purchase the game at $6.99

Step 3: After payment has been received successfully, files will begin downloading. Wait for the download to complete.

Step 4 Once the download is complete, you can proceed to the installation section and accept the policies.

Step 5 The installation may take some time so be patient.

Step 6 After the installation is complete, the GTA San Andreas icon will be displayed on your home screen.

Step 7Run the game and have fun!

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Are there any Cheats for GTA San Andreas Android

Cheats are a key part of any GTA game. This is why cheats are a must-have feature, regardless of whether you’re playing on an Android or PC. The cheats feature can be enabled in your GTA San Andreas APK by simply clicking a few buttons.

Is it possible to play GTA Apk on Android?

You can also play GTA San Andreas on your Android devices. Officially, the game is available for android users. This is important because it runs smoothly on low-end devices.

How can I download the GTA San Andreas Cheater on Android?

It is very easy to download the GTA San Andreas Cheater Apk. Follow this link to download the APK. Make sure you follow the steps to install the APK.

How can you enter cheats on GTA San Andreas APK?

The easiest way to do it is to download the GTA San Andreas cheater APK from our download page. If you have already installed the GTA San Andreas app on your device, then follow our step-by guide to use the cheats within your game.


While there are many great mobile games, GTA Apk is the best Open World RPG Game. GTA SA is among the most popular games ever made.

The game can be downloaded from the Play Store, even though it’s a paid game. That is why I have provided the direct link to download GTA San Andreas APK. This page has a link that allows you to download GTA SA APK for free.

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