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If you find your current messaging app unintuitive and boring, an Android phone will be a great choice. This would let you make many interesting changes to your messaging app without needing to do any complicated or difficult work. All you have to do is download your custom messenger app from a third-party publisher.

In this instance, the GO SMS Pro Premium Apk This app is a great option for anyone who wants to quickly customize their messaging application. The app allows you to make beautiful customizations on your mobile device. Chat with your friends using fun themes, funny stickers, or in private. Read our reviews to learn more about this mobile app by GO Dev Team.

go sms pro premium apk

What is it used for?

  • Go SMS Pro can be used as an alternative to your stock messaging app for mobile devices. You’ll find it much more enjoyable and comfortable than other boring apps, thanks to its hundreds of customizations.
  • You will also find a wide range of chat options including private boxes to secure chat with friends, images, and stickers to send to friends, matching messages from your dual-SIM devices, and so forth.
  • Android users with the pro version enabled will have access to even more features such as advanced blocking, unlimited cloud backups and backups of your messages, and beautiful paid themes.


It is very easy to install the app and make it work on your mobile devices. There are no root permissions required. It will work with all Android devices and be compatible. You can use the app to have comfortable conversations and chats with friends, while also enjoying new themes.

However, you should ensure that your mobile devices have stable internet access whenever you want to download new themes or back up your system. This will ensure all your items are in one place, so you don’t have to look at them again.

Amazing features of GO SMS Pro Premium Apk

This section contains all the amazing features the app offers:

There are a lot of stickers and themes to choose from

Go SMS Pro is a great alternative to your messenger app. The app offers a wide range of customization and options. The app also features a large selection of stickers and themes that will make your in-app experience even more enjoyable. You can also expect more features and apps in the future with the growing library.

Secure and private mailboxes for your message

If you’re curious, you can also make use of the Go SMS Pro private messaging feature. It provides safe and secures messaging for you and your friend. You can create your own private messaging channel, which you can use to secure conversations with friends and business partners. You won’t be tracked or lose your information.

Focus easily on important contacts

Go SMS Pro offers sticky conversations to help you prioritize important contacts. These allow you to concentrate on important contacts by placing them at top of your message board. The app will automatically display the most recent and important messages whenever you open it.

Pop-ups allow you to quickly view all your messages.

The app allows users to view new messages quickly with helpful pop-ups. This is a great feature that lets you check on the messages and decide whether to open them. You’ll also be able to see the avatar popup on your messages. This makes them even more intuitive, as you can see who is messaging you at one glance.

Dual-SIM support for multiple devices

You can also easily match your messages together with Dual-SIM devices. The app allows you to easily view messages between two SIMs, with intuitive separations. You won’t be able to mistake them. This app supports up to 8000+ dual-SIM devices. That’s insane.

Smart filter to block spam calls and messages

In addition, if you’re finding yourself being bothered by spamming messages and calls, then installing useful messaging apps such as Textra SMS or GO SMS Pro should definitely make things a lot easier. The apps can provide a filter that will block spam calls and messages. The app can also detect calls from unknown sources and block them as soon as they are received.

Chat with GO chat for free

You can also pick up GO SMS Pro to enjoy free chats with friends. The app lets users chat freely with their friends as well as other users online, once they sign up for the community. You are free to chat with your friends or create group chats.

If you wish to delay your sending time,

You can also set delay times to your messages to make it easier to review them before you send them. This is a chance to rectify any errors and to send your best words to the special recipients. You don’t have to be embarrassed by what you just sent.

You can quickly sort out conversations with strangers

It’s possible to place all your messages in the inbox to help you keep your conversations organized with strangers. This option will make it much easier to quickly scan through your messages and delete any that are not necessary.

Online backups and savings are possible

If you’re curious, you can back up your messages and have access to them whenever you want. It would allow you to save important messages and prevent them from being lost in the future.

Use it free of charge

The app has many amazing features but is free to all Android users. That said, you can easily have it installed from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

You can access the Pro version of our website

The Pro version of this app is available on the Google Play Store. It’s however not available for free download so many people wouldn’t be financially able to purchase it. If you are interested in the Pro version of GO SMS Pro Premium, you can also download it from our website. It is completely free. You just need to download the app and install it. GO SMS Pro Premium APKInstead, visit our website. The app allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds wherever you are.

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Final verdict

GO SMS Pro is a great alternative to your existing messaging apps. You can also download the Pro version free of charge on our website. Why not download it right away?

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