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Each platform has its own style of entertainment. Some are more dramatic than others, but most games are great for entertaining and passing the time. Geometry Dash 2.111 Apk is a rhythm-based game that you can download for free.

Geometry Dash Apk, a rhythm-based series of games, provides numerous platform that was developed and released by the famous company RobTop on August 13, 2013, that have previously developed outstanding games as compared to GTA V Apk (Grand theft Auto 5).

It was initially released for $1.99 USD on iOS and Android, and $3.99 USD on steam on Dec 22, 2014. But, as it did the business of millions of dollars, it was made free for all to enjoy by its millionaire users. The lite version of the rhythm-based game is presented with fewer features along with free expansions, Geometry Dash Meltdown, Geometry Dash World, and Geometry Dash Subzero, and the latest is Electroman Adventures and Bug fixes and tweaks.

This rhythm-based platform game can be found on 21 levels. Easy levels include stereo Madness and back on track. Hard levels include base after base and Can’t Lean On.

Players are given different entities at different levels, such as a cube or a ball, or a UFO. The game is controlled using a simple tapping system. Players can press any spot on the display to jump or fly. The game will re-start if the user touches an obstacle. The player receives coins of various colors at different rates upon completion of each level. These coins can be used to buy character skins, player trails, and death explosions from various shops.

With the exception of the demon level, which is more difficult than it seems, the levels are increased based on player progress.

Geometry Dash 2.111 and 2.2 Gameplay

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This rhythm-based game has 21 levels. Players can jump, flip and fly through dangerous passages while avoiding obstacles. There are also 50 million levels online (game creation platform). Players use the touchscreen keyboard to make their icon jump and avoid obstacles. Players cannot control the speed at which the object moves.

Geometry Dash APK Full Version Features

Levels of Geometry Dash APK

Geometry Dash APK rhythm-based platform game, so the timing and rhythm are closely related. Players must move accordingly. You must complete the levels to earn a reward or points. There are 21 levels total, 18 of which are free while three levels are locked. Players can unlock these levels by completing levels and receiving rewards. Three “Secret Coins”, which can be used to unlock three levels previously locked, are found in each level. Achievements in the game allow for the gaining of rewards which make the game more challenging, fun, and addictive. The difficulty levels in the game are categorized based on their difficulty. This means that the easiest levels will be encountered first, and the difficulty level will gradually increase as players become more skilled.

Use Mode of Geometry Dash APK

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Practice mode allows players to sharpen their skills, improve their gameplay and become more professional. Practice mode allows players to create checkpoints that allow them to hit an icon/vehicle that has an obstacle. They can then start the level from where they left off earlier in the game. However, it is important to remember that this mode only works in the main game. This mode is for practice only.


With the help of a special currency called “Mana Orbs”, players can purchase items or things in the game (in-game purchasing). Players can play the online version of this game for a fee. Only the paid version of this game has these levels. Players can upload or download their own levels. These levels are not created by players, but by the game developer.

Create Levels of Geometry Dash APK

The level creation option offers options such as:

  • Create your own levels and upload them.
  • Downloadable levels saved.
  • Scoreboard.
  • Quests – For more rewards
  • Daily Challenges
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Gauntlets – These levels offer the same rewards as diamonds when completed.
  • These levels offer thrilling gameplay and are called Featured.
  • Hall of Fame – These levels are similar to featured levels and offer the same rewards. One can also play these levels for monetary rewards.
  • Map packs – These offer a range of players’ customized levels that are much easier than the Featured or Hall of Fame Levels.
  • Search – This option allows players to search for the levels they choose.

Geometry Dash Tracks

The game is rhythm-based, so you will find many tracks by Morgan David King, Morgan Bound, Waterflame, and DJ Nate. These tracks add to the enjoyment of the game and it is recommended that you use headphones for an even better in-game experience. Geometry Dash APK is also available on Google Play Store.

Questions frequently asked

How do you get diamonds in Geometry Dash?

You must complete all 1 v1 challenges to earn diamonds. However, you can also earn diamonds by completing quests and opening reward chests.

What is the most recent version of Geometry Dash?

Geometry Dash SubZero is the latest version of Geometry Dash.

How much does Geometry Dash Cost?

Geometry Dash is free and available on many websites.

How do I get every icon in Geometry Dash?

By completing the challenge, you can release every icon in Geometry Dash.

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It is an excellent mix of music, colorful backgrounds, and thrilling levels. This is why I found it to be more entertaining and fun than other games that do not offer this experience in a low space. So why wait? Download the game from Google Playstore and then install it. Geometry Dash APKEnjoy.

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