Be a modern farmer farming Simulator 18You can! You can immerse yourself in an open, vast world, harvest many crops, care for your livestock (cows, sheep, and goats), and then sell your products to expand your farm.

Farming Simulator 18 APK

A huge range of farming machines and vehicles are available to you, including over 30 top-selling brands such as Fendt, Challenger, Massey Ferguson, and Valtra. You can drive and use new equipment to harvest sugar beets, potatoes, wheat, and canola as well as corn and sunflowers for the first time.

Farming Simulator 18 APK Download Latest Version

What is Farming Simulator 18?

Farming Simulator 18 APK is a simulation game that challenges you to take on the role of an agricultural entrepreneur. Build your farm from scratch, buy new fields and manage all aspects of farming life. You can also play with friends in multiplayer mode.

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Farming Simulator 18 offers a rich and powerful simulation experience, an open world, and a large fleet of vehicles, including brand-new machines.

Farming Simulator 18 – Key Features

Make realistic tractors and trucks using the largest agricultural machine manufacturers

  • Six different crops can be planted and harvested: Canola, wheat, sugarbeet, potatoes, and sunflower
  • Reproductive pig breeding and profit-making sales
  • Feed your sheep and cows to produce and sell wool and milk
  • The new front loader attachments increase your options for transporting wood or bales.
  • Hire AI helpers to improve your results, or allow them to drive your cars to the destination of your choosing
  • The new 3D graphics offer more detail about your machinery and the environment in the southern US.
  • Harvest wood using dedicated machinery and then sell it
  • Play with your friends in local multiplayer mode for WiFi or Bluetooth.

What’s New

Farming Simulator 18 APK is a farming simulation game that allows players to take on the role of a farmer. Players can plant crops, harvest their crops, and sell what they have grown for money.

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The latest version of Farming Simulator 18 APK features an updated map with new textures, lighting effects, and vegetation as well as a brand-new terrain surface engine. In addition to these improvements, the update also includes many other additions such as two new vehicles: the LMC R4-150 Flatbed Truck and John Deere 7300R Tractor.

The link below will allow you to download Farming Simulator 18 APK from Google Play Store or Apple App Store directly onto your device.


Farmers everywhere are buzzing with excitement for the upcoming release of Farming Simulator 18 APK which will be available in November 2018. The game features new farming equipment, crops, animals, an updated graphics engine, and more.

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