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The new Epic Battle Simulator APK teaser shows that the tactical scale of the game has been significantly increased compared to its predecessor. This is a great upgrade version. This game is a great choice for anyone who enjoys large-scale strategy games.


Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 follows the same gameplay pattern as the original session. The game will allow you to place thousands of soldiers on one side and then send them out to attack the thousands of soldiers on either side. This is how the game plays out.

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You should practice before you enter into such dramatic and large-scale fights. This is where you can do it best: Level – The main mode of the game. Start with small battles with only a few units. As the number of warriors increased, the limit increased and new warriors were added.

What is Epic Battle Simulator 2?

This is when Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 became a thrilling game. Here’s a quick overview of the gameplay. You will learn many interesting things by yourself during the game.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 uses a simple control system. To place them, you will need to select the unit from the menu at top of the screen. You can move them to another place by touching them again. Once you are done sorting, press the arrow icon and start the battle.

You can’t seem to interrupt the battle as it progresses. You can only move about the battlefield using the virtual D-Pad. You can move anywhere you want.

How to Download Epic Battle Simulator APK

Downloading the Epic Battle Simulator APK is easy! Just follow these steps:

1. Download an app to your phone called “APK Extractor” (available for both Android and iOS)

2. Open the APK Extractor on your phone, and select “Open file from device storage.”

3. Find the downloaded Epic Battle Simulator APK file in your downloads folder or find it by going through all of the folders until you find a file with a bunch of letters and numbers at the beginning.

Once you have found it, click open and wait for it to extract files onto your screen.

4. Select which files you want to save on your computer by clicking them one by one.

This feature is often used to evaluate the abilities of military units and observe their fighting. You can then learn from your mistakes and make better decisions.

Important Factor

This game isn’t purely about strategy. When the characters are designed and operated with enjoyment, it has the fun element of a sandbox game. You must have good tactics if you want more wins in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2.

This is a great feature that the developer has added to the game. You can now create your campaigns. To do this, however, you must first understand the nature and purpose of each unit.

What comes to mind when you see an army of artillery, infantry, and catapults? They’re strong, don’t they?

They are also very slow and must get closer to their opponent to attack. A group of archers and cavalry can win the battle.

Ultimate Battle Simulator 

The formation of a squad also involves tactics. You should not place units that can move quickly or attack from far away. You should place units that are slow or can only attack from a close distance near the border between the armies.

The strategy is an abstract concept. I can’t tell you when and which units to use. It all depends on how you think and see the world. You’ll be able to see the battlefield and know what you should do.

Moded Tricks

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 offers a wide range of units. There are six types: Special, Epic, Heavy, Special, Cavalry, Melee, and Ranged. There are dozens of units available for each type that you can use.

Each unit has its stats. These include attack, attack speed, and movement speed as well as accuracy, teamwork ability, health, and accuracy. To see more details, double-tap the icons to enlarge.

To summon a unit, you will also have to pay a fee. This means that you will need to pay a fee when you enter a battle. This money can be used to purchase troops. You can purchase 10 Guards for 1000 coins. Each Guard costs 100. Cannon and Berserker cost 300 each, Archer is 60 per unit and Camel 120 per unit.

The upgrade feature is last. This feature allows existing units to improve their combat performance and stats. The Upgrade Troops section on the main screen allows you to check the upgrade cost and the available units.


Online PvP and Epic Levels modes allow you to have even more fun. To match people and attach your identity, you will need to create an account using the username, password, and username. You will also receive many bonuses if you achieve certain milestones in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2.

Once you reach level 50, Epic Levels mode can be unlocked. This is where the battle scale will be the largest. Here you will meet legends that are almost always lost.

This model is extremely difficult, and there are no mistakes. Inexperienced players who don’t have a campaign will quickly be eliminated from the battlefield.

According to Epic Battle Simulator 2, a battle can have up to a 1.3million characters on the battlefield simultaneously. This is the most insane number I have ever heard.

Sometimes I wonder if my device is capable of handling all this activity or whether it will crash or lag. Epic Battle Simulator 2 is extremely smooth, as evidenced by the many user reviews.

Part 2 is more varied than its predecessor because the units include not only humans but also animals like elephants, dragons, and dinosaurs.

Best Graphics

My review of Epic Battle Simulator 2 shows that while it may not have a great visual design, it is well-optimized to run on Android mid-range devices. The context and character are well-designed and offer more effects and better motion processing. The game’s user interface is excellent and there are no bugs.

Get Download Latest Version of APK

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 will be a welcome upgrade for those who have already played the first. This is where you can demonstrate your ability to plan, organize troops, and create strategies. They are aggressive and numerous. Let’s try to find a way of destroying them as fast as possible.

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