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Droidvpn Apk is an easy Android VPN app that can be downloaded and installed on any android device with API 14 or higher.

Droidvpn Apk, a simple-to-use VPN software for Android devices, is available. Our VPN service allows you to bypass web filtering and regional restrictions as well as browse anonymously on the internet by tunneling your internet traffic to our servers.
Droidvpn Apkis is different from other VPN applications in that it can tunnel traffic via ICMP (IP over ICMP). This allows you to browse the internet even though you’re not allowed to send pings or internet browsing is blocked by your firewall.

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Notes and reminders about Droidvpn Apk

If your device is not connecting after installing the latest version, you will need to restart it.

  • All users using our app to access free internet and posting negative reviews, please know that your ISP is the culprit if you are unable to connect. Please read this for additional details: http://droidvpn.com/page/cannot-connect-because-port-x-is-closed-37/
  •  The FREE ACCOUNT can only be used to log in to the FREE SERVERS.*Subscription required to access all servers and get rid of the 200MB/day limit
  •  To prevent DroidVPN from being removed from your memory, add DroidVPN if you’re using any Free RAM/Task management application.
  •  If your phone is rebooting please read: http://droidvpn.com/page/phone-reboots-when-connecting-droidvpn-7/
  •  For CyanogenMod(Jellybean) users that cannot connect: http://droidvpn.com/page/droidvpn-cannot-connect-using-cyanogenmods-jellybean411-update-27

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  •  Gives you unrestricted Speed
  •  Encrypts your internet traffic
  •  Unblocks websites
  • Tunnel IP traffic via ICMP/UDP
  •  Sometimes, you can connect to paid hotspots free of charge
  • Data compression can help you save network traffic
  • Blocks all annoying ads on the internet

LOCATION OF SERVERS: View the complete list here: https://droidvpn.com/status


  • The root is required for Android versions below 4.0
  • For android phones below 4.0, you will need a working tun. ko. Look for our “TUN.ko Installer”
  • DroidVPN account. Signup for free here: http://droidvpn.com/signup
  • An internet connection that works. DroidVPN does not replace your ISP.


  • Enter the username and password you have been given.
  • You can change the server to “Free Server” if you have a free account.
  • Press the big connect button.
  • Press the home or back buttons when the message “DroidVPN has now connected” appears.
  • Now you can start browsing. All your internet connections will be routed through our VPN server.

Coming soon:

Proxy Authentication

Send us an email or use the app to report any problems. We will be happy to help.

REVIEWS DO NOT PERMIT YOU TO REPORT CREDIT QUESTIONS! We won’t be able to help you troubleshoot any issue or provide any solution. Please send an email describing your problem in detail.

Are you looking for a VPN to protect your computer?

App (Droidvpn Apk) Permissions

  • open network sockets
  • Access information about networks
  • Access information on Wi-Fi networks
  • enter Wi-Fi Multicast mode
  • Write to an external storage
  • Read from an external storage
  • Stop the processor from going to sleep or the screen from dimming
  • Access to the phone state is only available by reading access

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