Doom 3 Apk

Doom 3 Apk BFG Edition was developed by id Software, who were the original developers of the franchise. It features Achievements, better rendering, and lighting, as well as a checkpoint-saving system that allows for faster progression. id has refined the controls to bring DOOM 3 even more intensity. With the addition of an armor-mounted flashlight, players are now able to illuminate dark corners while blasting enemies simultaneously.

doom 3

The Lost Mission

Doom 3 Apk BFG Edition features a new chapter in the DOOM 3 experience, ‘The Lost Mission.’ It includes eight heart-pounding single-player levels and a brand-new storyline that will keep players on the edge.

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The Ultimate Collection 

Doom 3 Apk

Doom  Apk BFG Edition will include DOOM II and DOOM I games as an added bonus. This makes it the ultimate collection of revolutionary games from id Software, which pioneered first-person shooter games.

Controller Required

Both the NVIDIA Shield Controller (NVIDIA Shield) and Google Nexus Gamepad (Google Nexus Gamepad) have been tested and confirmed to work.

Internet Connection Required

Cloud saves and achievements require an internet connection and a Google Play Games account.

(Supported Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)

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