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Dokkan Battle Apk is an established publisher that adapts manga titles like One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Naruto,… They have enjoyed a lot of success because their games are very popular with many players around the globe. Recently, they released Dragon Ball Legends – the best fighting game. Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is now available.



Explore 7 Dragon Balls on Your Journey

Dragon Ball is the story of Songoku’s search for the dragon ball from his childhood. He makes new friends and is loved by all. Songoku later discovered his true roots. Songoku and his friends fight against the most powerful villains in the universe to save the Earth. (If Songoku joined the Avengers, they might have stopped Thanos.

The characters of this manga have been a legend over the years. Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle Apk will see you join forces with warriors in the fight to protect innocent people from evil intentions. King Kai and Trunks are two storytellers that guide you through the operation and take on all your missions.

Match-3 puzzle game

Dragon Ball Z: Download Series Your Story Universe Mod Apk, unlike Dragon Ball Legends is the first Dragon Ball game to feature Match-3 puzzles. The game’s main focus is on the battle between the main characters, and their villains. However, it doesn’t concentrate too much on RPG or action elements. Instead, you will be solving puzzles to attack your opponents. The game allows the player to have fun while still retaining the characters and content of the manga.

There are many spherical Ki Spheres in different colors on your screen. Your task is to arrange three Ki Spheres with the same color to attack or defend or increase your power. The gameplay of this Linker game is similar to Diamond Diaries Saga, which means you use your finger to swipe the screen to connect the same colored balls. Each character is unique in that each one has a different skill and strength.

Vegeta will deal more damage if you use yellow Ki. At some point, Vegeta will also perform special attacks. Are you looking to become Super Saiyan or Kame Kame ha? You can do anything if you match the right Ki to the character.

Familiar characters of Dokkan Battle Apk

Dokkan Battle Apk

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle Apk allows you to collect characters using unlocked cards, and then rally them together into a team. The story will allow you to meet characters such as Songoku, Piccolo, and Gohan. You can also meet Android, Vegeta, and Android. Although each character has their own strengths and abilities, publishers seem to bias Saiyan planet characters, just as in other Dragon Ball games. It is not surprising, as the original stated that the Saiyans were one of the most powerful countries in the galaxy.

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There are two types of cards: SSR is the rarest and Normal is the most common. Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle features a mechanism that allows you to customize your character by crafting another card. For example, you can switch from Piccolo’s Agility card to Strength. If you wish to improve the rarity and stats of the cards, don’t forget to upgrade them.


Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle Apk features bright, colorful graphics. It’s almost like watching a Dragon Ball animation. The cartoon’s original cartoon characters are used to design and sound the characters. Your screen will become a movie about two characters fighting, and the winning character will fall on your screen.

MOD APK version DBZ: Dokkan Battle Apk
MOD Features
High Damage
How to use
You can enable MOD in the Menu after you have completed the tutorial.

Download Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle MOD APK for Android
Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, in its simplest form, is an easy-to-play, fun game that’s great for those looking for light entertainment.

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