CM Launcher 3D Pro APK is an app that lets you experience the latest Android style on your device. With features like CM Theme Engine, App Drawer, and more, it’s a one-stop shop for all your launcher needs. It’ll take just under 2 minutes to download this app and you’ll be ready to go.

CM Launcher 3D Pro APK Get Download Mod

Themes & Icon Pack CentreYou can customize your phone with 10,000+ 2D/3D themes (icon packs) that include different menus, wallpapers, and icons. Customize your home screen now.

CM Launcher 3D Pro APK – Overview & Guide

CM Launcher apk

CM Launcher is powered by a 3D animation engine, 3D themes, widgets, and graphic effects. It enables 3D transition and will give you a magical experience with transition effects.

This application is an improved version of the original CM Launcher and it has been hugely improved from its predecessor. In this blog post, we will be going over some features of this app so that you can have a better understanding of what it does and how it may benefit your phone.

CM Launcher 3D Pro is a customized, light, and fast Android home screen replacement app. It brings the most popular features from various mobile launchers with its innovative functions.

CM Launcher supports both phone and tablet devices, including Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge/S6/Note 5, etc. This launcher will satisfy your needs for customization as well as performance! You can easily customize icons, themes colors, and more to make your personal home screen experience unique to you!

3D Wallpapers & Live Wallpapers

3D widgets, 3D themes, and live wallpapers can be customized to customize the default menu interface. Make your Android launcher fashionable

Creative Themes

You can find more creative surprise topics like Gravity themes Parallax themes Glass themes or Transparent themes.

Customized Gestures

Multiple gestures can be used to quickly access any screen and/or apps

DIY themes

You can become a designer and change the UI of your Android launcher.

Hide & Lock Apps

CM Launcher ensures the security of your apps. Protect your privacy by hiding and locking your apps in a folder that isn’t accessible to rooters. You can easily manage your apps by using your finger to launch or unhide them.

Private Photos

Your private photos can be hidden in the Vault. They will only be visible to you and editable by you

Night Shift

Blue Light Filter and Night Mode reduce blue light emitted by your phone.

Boost your smartphone

1 Tap Boost can be used to speed up your phone’s performance and make it more enjoyable.

Smart App Manager

Automated organization of your apps into smart folders, or app drawers. Batch manage applications to maintain a tidy menu.

Notification Reminder

It allows you to access new messages (e.g. It allows you to access new messages (e.g. WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. Directly on the screen

Handy Toolbox

You have many handy tools at your disposal: Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi flashlights, Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, WiFi, brightness, and many other useful tools

CM Launcher 3D Pro Apk Reviews

CM Launcher apk

Matt Ford -Since downloading the app, my phone has been running slower than before. This is a bit frustrating considering that the app claimed it would increase the speed of my phone’s performance.

I have not had any other issues with the app. I am completely satisfied with the App’s features. You can improve the speed and you’ll have a solid app.

FRANK this was my first launcher. It’s been 4 years. It’s still the only one I will use. It’s so simple. There are so many options. It’s a very simple menu.

These are the best themes I’ve ever seen. I’ve looked at other themes. I have seen others. Love the CM 3D Launcher. It does everything you need and more. 10 stars Thanx Dev.

What’s New

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Papyrus D -It’s a good app overall, but it does have its flaws and takes up a lot of space. But that’s to be expected with these types of apps. Understandably, you may need to add to this app to keep it free.

I recommend other users rate the app not complain about it. It’s not like ads are all that common. It’s also battery-sucking. This could be because I use this app on an older phone but it still poses a problem to people like me. Also, I’d like to know where the 3D Cute Cat theme was. We appreciate your time.


Is it necessary to pay for something after a certain time?

No. No.

Is root necessary?

It can be used on both rooted as well as non-rooted devices.

Is it contaminated with viruses?

No. But if you have any doubts then just check here.

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I hope you like Launcher 3D Pro AppkIf you have any questions about it, don’t hesitate and comment below. We will attempt to answer your queries as quickly as possible. visit our website.


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