cleaner pro apk CleanePiriform developed is useful software for computers that works on many operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, and Android. This software will help you overcome the fear of viruses and other unwanted junk files. This software is widely used all over the globe.

cleaner pro apk


This software can fix any problems you may have with your technological device. It supports system cleaning, garbage disposal (supports scanning for and deleting junk files), optimization, removing unreliable software installations, finding duplicate files, and many other useful functions. This software is highly appreciated and supported by consumers today.

CCleaner gives consumers great benefits. You want your home to look neat. This software will speed up your device’s performance and make it run smoother, just like it did when you bought it. It comes with many great features that will make your experience during use even more enjoyable and it is also available in the Google store.


You first need to download and install the software. Next, the screen interface will display the License Key. This will show you how the software works. You have the option to either use the free version or pay more to get the advanced version. After the installation is completed, click Heath Check. Next, go to Custom Cleaner. Click Run Clean to delete any junk files.

The software will display the deleted files and notify you of corrupted files after you have completed the cleaning process. It can also restart Windows. You can also use Cleaner to fix registry errors by clicking this mode, and then selecting Scan for Problems. Save the files you need by creating a folder and storing it on your drive. Next, go back to the interface to click Fix All Selected Problems.

AWESOME FEATURES of cleaner pro apk

Ccleaner has a simple interface that is equally impressive. Users only have to click to select the operations the software has guided with quick mouse clicks. This easy-to-use interface has made Ccleaner a popular game that is both suitable for people with little knowledge of technology and those who are more experienced.

You can also use the built-in features of this software to delete unnecessary programs from your computer without having to do anything; it works with the same feature in Windows. This is it. You can use either one of the two methods to delete the installed program from your device. It also allows you to disable programs that aren’t as important to the screen interface, depending on your requirements.


cleaner pro apkĀ is popular not only for its simplicity but also because of its clever features. This software cleaner pro apk will scan your hard drive and notify you about the file size. It can also gather files containing viruses so you can handle them quickly. Your computer will run faster, use less battery and increase your memory capacity.

The software cleaner pro apk also includes a system monitoring analysis function that monitors CPU usage, RAM, and internal memory capacities, as well as checking battery capacity and temperature. This feature of the cleaner pro apk is designed to allow you to monitor and analyze the current state of your computer. It can offer options like deleting data and upgrading memory. There are many other amazing features you can explore.

Many people are familiar with the name Ccleaner. Many people have complimented me on social networking forums for the many benefits it offers. It is unlikely that there will be any other software that can replace this program shortly. You don’t have to take your computer to the tech shop to clean it with this software. It can be done at home.

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