In the modern era, it’s hard to believe that people still have to pay outrageous fees for a simple repair of their devices. The truth is, many people get ripped off by stores and service centers that do not care about their customers’ experience or satisfaction.

This is where Chamelephon APK comes in! We are a team of developers with a passion for programming and designing apps. Our goal is to provide you with quality software at an affordable price so that you can enjoy hours of entertainment on your Android phone without breaking the bank.

Chamelephon APK IMEI Changer Free Download v1.4.2 Online

Chamelephon is available for Android. Chamelephon is the best app to change your smartphone’s IMEI number. Chamelephon makes it easier than any other android app. Chamelephon will only work if your Mediatek device is rooted. This app is limited to MTK Chipset devices.

Chamelephon APK – Overview & Guide

Chamelephon apk

Are you frustrated with how expensive smartphones are? Have you ever wanted to change your IMEI number on a phone just because the other person has the same model as you?

Well, now there is an app for that! Introducing Chamelephon APK – IMEI Changer Free Download v1.4.2 from our blog post partner. This new app will allow users to change their device’s IMEI number and also upload a picture of themselves onto the screen of their device to fool people into thinking that they have a different smartphone than what it is.

Chamelephon App Download For Android

You may need to use the IMEI Changer tool for Snapdragon devices with Root and Xposed installer. Chamelephon is available for free to Mediatek users who have root access.

Only Mediatek 65XX devices are supported. The root is required. Cryptotel is the developer of Chamelephon, which falls under the Personalization category.

How to Change Your IMEI With Chamelephon App

Before you download the app, make sure your phone has been rooted. Root your phone first if it isn’t. To do this, you can simply download the standard root app. After your phone has been rooted, you can download the Chameleon App.

Click the button to download the app and then install it after it has been downloaded.

Get Download For PC, iOS, Mac

Open Chamelephon. You will be asked to grant root permissions in a popup. It will ask you to grant root permissions and allow access.
To generate a random IMEI number, click on the button. Or you can manually enter the number that you received from your Mobile Box in the field.

Download Chamelephon APK Latest Version

To overwrite system values, press the Apply Button. You can now check by dialing *#06#. This will display the updated configuration.

Once the process is complete, you will need to restart your device. This is the simplest way to modify your device’s IMEI number. This is useful for mapping the IMEI number of third-party apps that may have blocked your device.

Some apps like Chamelephon are Xposed Installer, KingRoot, KingoRoot, and SuperSu. Install this app to rate it and write a review.

What’s New in This App?

Chamelephon apkChamelephon APK is a powerful app for Android, with which you can change the IMEI of your device. This software has many advantages and it’s very easy to use. It works without rooting, so it doesn’t harm the phone system in any way!
This blog post will show you how to download Chamelephon APK from our website, install it on your device and then change your phone number.

The last part of this article will talk about some safety precautions that are necessary when using this application. We hope that these guidelines will help avoid any unpleasant situations or problems with law enforcement agencies related to the illegal modification of the IMEI code.

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Chamelephon APK is an application that allows you to change your IMEI and other settings on your device. This app works by installing a configuration file that has been modified to include the desired changes. You can then reboot your phone and it will boot up with the new configurations applied.

The app also includes an option for generating a random configuration file if you don’t want to install one of the premade files available, which are all designed for specific brands of Android devices. If you have any questions about this post or just need help, feel free to contact us via email at or through our Facebook page.


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