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20+ Best IPTV Apps to Stream Live TV in 2021
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best live tv app

This guide lists the top ten. Best Free Live Tv Apk app for free live TV streaming.

IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, allows cord-cutters to access live TV via the internet.

IPTV can be a costly service. Users will typically pay between $10-20 per month. There are free apps that you can download.

These free IPTV apps are perfect for the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, and other Fire TV devices.

Notice: TROYPOINT is not responsible for data breaches, hacking devices, or ISP log logging due to unverified third-party applications, IPTV services, addons, or streaming websites. These sources are not recommended for use.
This is due to the millions of users who Jailbreak their Firestick to get the most out of this powerful streaming device.

These apps also work great on Android devices such as MECOOL Boxes, NVIDIA Shield, Chromecast with Google TV, generic Android TV Boxes, and more.

See our popular list of Best IPTV Boxes for the best devices available for streaming live TV.

These apps will not work with Roku devices due to Roku’s closed operating system. These devices can still be used to view IPTV.

Best Free Live Tv Apk

How to Install Best Free Live Tv Apk on Roku?

Although some of these apps are available in the Amazon App Store and Google Play Store, some apps come from a 3rd party and will need to be “side-loaded” using the Downloader App.

Downloader can be downloaded from Amazon App Store by searching for “Downloader”

Refer to our complete Downloader guide below for installation on any Streaming Device.

How to install Downloader and enable Unknown Sources

Some of these apps are free, but they may not be reliable. Streams are often only available in SD (Standard Definition) and may contain buffering and ads.

TROYPOINT recommends purchasing an affordable, reliable Live TV set that has minimal buffering. Best Free Live Tv Apk Service.

These services offer thousands of HD channels in a variety of categories and at a low monthly cost.

For more information about IPTV legality and all things, you should know before streaming, see our detailed guide.

Is Best Free Live Tv Apk? Read Before Streaming

This list of Best Free IPTV apps will be updated regularly. We encourage you to bookmark it and return it often.

Some of these applications are unverified, which means that they have not been verified by an app store.

This guide will show you how to use a VPN on your Firestick and Android TV Box.

How to Install VPN on Firestick & Android TV Box

This list was last updated Sun, Aug 01, 2021
The Best IPTV Apps Free
These free IPTV apps, which are similar to Free Sports Streaming Sites or Free Movie Websites in that they are always updating and sometimes closing down, are very similar.

All apps below are available and currently functioning as of the writing of this article.

These options are also available in our list of the Best Free TV Apps and Live TV streaming sites.

These are the criteria that determine how IPTV apps are ranked.

Note: Some apps are not available through Amazon or Google Play. We don’t know if the licensing is correct for these channels. Always use a VPN with these unverified IPTV services.

Best VPN for Best Free Live Tv Apk

Live Net TV will ensure that you never miss your favorite TV shows again.

The Best Free Live Tv Apk app is free and offers more than 800 sports, news, cooking, music, kids, religious, and entertainment channels. Users don’t have to sign up for or subscribe to any package.

This app includes Chromecast support, external support (MX player and XMTV Android), channel updates daily, notifications, and Chromecast support.

For more information about this app, please see our LiveNet TV guide.

Best Free Live Tv Apk Official Website

2. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is one of the most accessible and user-friendly Live TV streaming apps. The free Live TV app has millions upon millions of users and continues to grow.

This free IPTV app is part of ViacomCBS and offers a variety of programming, from sports to tech, to Latino shows, to 24/7 news channels. The channel list is constantly growing.

Pluto TV’s only problem is its ad-supported nature and lack of all the channels available in other IPTV services.

We have included Pluto TV on our list of Best Firestick Channels as well as Best Free Live Tv Apk Services.

For more information and steps to install Pluto TV, please refer to the guide below.

How to Install Pluto TV App

3. TVTap

TVTap, a popular streaming app that allows you to stream live video from multiple sources, is very popular.

It has a simple interface that allows you to navigate through all options, including different categories.

This applies to Kids, Entertainment, Sports, and many other areas. We can integrate MX options for buffer-free video players.

Follow the steps below to install TVTap onto your streaming device.

Best Free Live Tv Apk Review

Notice: TROYPOINT doesn’t host any streaming or IPTV apps. This app is hosted

4. Locast

Locast is another popular free local news streaming app that offers access to television stations via the internet.

It currently serves 23 markets, including New York City, Houston, Seattle, and San Francisco.

This app is great for finding local news streams in major US cities. It can be streamed over Firestick/Fire TV or any other browser.

For more information about Locast, and to learn how to install it on multiple devices, see the guide below.

How to Install Locast App


Your IP address, which is your identifying IP address, is visible and can be linked directly to you via your Internet Service Provider.

IPVanish VPN will hide your IP address and encrypt the connection to make you 100% anonymous.

This time-sensitive deal can save you up to 74%
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Click here for IPVanish VPN Firestick/AndroidBox Tutorial

5. Airy TV

Airy TV is a one-stop app that can be used on all streaming devices. This app is a great free alternative to streaming IPTV. It has over 100 channels.

Airy TV can be accessed directly from your browser, without you needing to sign up or subscribe to any plan.

Its live streaming section includes Featured Channels and Classic Movies, Classic TV Series, Classic TV, Classic Kids, TV Shows, and TV Shows.

Click the link to learn more about Airy TV or how to install it.

How to Install Airy TV App

6. Peacock TV

Peacock TV was launched in July 2020 and has attracted more than 10,000,000 users.

It is no surprise that NBCUniversal’s streaming service is one of the most downloaded free IPTV apps.

It has also added live TV channels to its lineup to differentiate itself from the rest. Click on the Channels tab to be taken directly to the EPG, where you can view the broadcasts on that channel.

The English Premier League, Telemundo, and CNBC are some of the most popular channels.

Peacock TV currently offers three plans: Peacock Prime Plus, Peacock Premium Plus, and Free.

Our Peacock tutorial provides more information about pricing and plan details.

How to Install Peacock TV App

7. Kraken TV

Kraken TV is a quality-free Live TV app that clones the once-popular Swift Streamz.

Enjoy the best of Kraken TV’s TV categories, including USA TV, UK TV Swift Movies Kids TV, Wildlife TV, Sports TV, and many more.

The app is capable of streaming HD video in HD with a stable internet connection.

For more information about Kraken TV, and how to install it on your device, please see the tutorial below.

Kraken TV APK Review

Notice: TROYPOINT doesn’t host any streaming or IPTV apps. This app is hosted atkraken-tv.en.


Although this streaming app is most popular for its VOD content, Irvine-based apps also offer live channels that are among the best.

There are more than 190 channels to choose from, so viewers have endless entertainment options.

You can stream some of the most popular shows on com from channels like Food52, NBC News, and HISTORY.

XUMO is currently available in the United States of America, Canada, France, and Germany as well as the United Kingdom, Italy Spain, Brazil, Brazil, France, and Germany.

For more information on the app, please see our XUMO TV Guide below.

How to Install XUMO TV App

9. Oreo TV

Oreo TV is a popular live-streaming app with many channel categories around the globe. You will find sections that cover News, Entertainment, and Sports as well as Movies, International, Music, and many other topics.

Although the library isn’t huge, the app has a VOD Section. Oreo TV allows users to add channels to their favorites and set parental controls.

Check out our installation guide for more information about Oreo TV.

Oreo TV APK Review

Notice: TROYPOINT doesn’t host any streaming or IPTV apps. This app is hosted

10. Strix APK

Strix is a streaming app for movies, TV shows, live TV channels, sports, and adult content.

Strix is currently available in the Amazon App Store as well as the Google Play Store. Side-loading is required for this modded version.

Strix works perfectly with popular streaming devices like the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, and Android TV Boxes.

For more information on Strix and how to install it, see our Strix tutorial.

How to Install Strix APK

11. CrackStreams

CrackStreams is a very popular Live TV streaming website and is highly regarded by sports fans.

CrackStreams focuses on Boxing, MMA, and Football.

For more information on CrackStreams and how to watch streams, please see our CrackStreams guide.

CrackStreams Review

12. Plex

Plex Media Server, a popular service, announced that it has added a live TV section to its service. This included more than 80 live channels.

Plex Adds Live TV Section

Plex is free to access, so you’ll be able to enjoy 14,000 documentaries and TV shows.

This app is perfect for streaming live news and culinary reality show.

For more information on the Plex service, we recommend that you view our detailed Plex guide.

Plex Media Server Setup Guide

13. AOS TV

AOS TV has a lot of content for everyone, from thrillers to devotional channels to family entertainment to sports coverage.

AOS TV allows you to save any of these videos to your playlist, so you don’t have to look for them every time you open the app.

You can stream live entertainment shows from this app if you are located in the United States, Canada, or India. You can use a VPN if your access is restricted.

For more information and instructions on how to install AOS TV, please refer to our AOS TV Guide.


Notice: TROYPOINT doesn’t host any streaming or IPTV apps. This app is hosted


Voit, a free Live TV App, offers local news coverage from more than 200 stations across the nation. This app allows you to stream live from your phone and solves the problem that local channels are not available.

Voit is expanding its channel selection as more channels are added to the Weather, Local News, and Sports sections.

Users can also access it through their web browser on any device.

For more information, see our VUit tutorial.

How To Install VUit App


MUST GO is not an application but we felt it necessary to include it here. With over 60 channels available, this site offers access to some of the most popular US TV channels.

If using a Firestick/Fire TV device, we suggest using the Amazon Silk Browser to access USTVGO for a great streaming experience.

For more information on USTVGO, and how to access it on any device, please see our tutorial.

MUST GO Review

16. TuboxTV

TuboxTV, a free IPTV app, offers over 100 OTT channels from different categories.

The Weather Channel and Cheddar News are just a few of the highlights channels.

For more information on how to install TuboxTV, see our TuboxTV guide.

How to Install TuboxTV

17. Sportsurge

Sportsurge is another favorite streaming site among sports fans.

Sportsurge’s main categories include Football, Basketball and MMA, Hockey, Motor Sports as well as Boxing, Baseball, and many other sports

For more information on how to stream streams and details about the website, see our Sportsurge tutorial.

Sportsurge Review

18. DistroTV

DistroTV, an IPTV app, offers hundreds of free channels and VOD content.

PeopleTV, CineLife, and EuroNews are some of the most popular channels.

For more information on DistroTV and how to install it, please refer to the tutorial below.

19. Best Free Live Tv Apk

Similar to USTVGO and 123TV, 123TV offers free streaming of live TV and has been a popular alternative for cable and other Live TV apps.

If using a Firestick/Fire TV device, we suggest using the Amazon Silk Browser to access 123TV Live.

Puffin TV and TV Bro are both Android-optimized browsers that can be used with Android TV devices.

For more information on 123TV, and how to access it on any device, please see our guide.

123TV Live TV Review

20. FootyBite

FootyBite, another streaming site that allows you to watch live sports online, is also very popular.

FootyBite’s main categories include Live TV, News, and Basketball Streams. FootyBite also offers FootyBite Streams.

For more information on FootyBite and how to view streams, see our FootyBite article.

FootyBite Review

You may also like Download Amazon Music Unlimited Apk and Genius Stream Apk Download.

21. VIPRow Sports

VIPRow Sports, a streaming site that offers every type of sport you can imagine, is highly regarded.

VIPRow’s main categories include Wrestling, Boxing, and Football.

For more information about VIPRow and how to stream live sports, see our VIPRow review.

VIPRow Sports Review

22. CricHD Live

CricHD is a live streaming website that streams live sports. It was created to provide live cricket streams.

CricHD’s main categories include Cricket, Rugby and Soccer, Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Baseball. Tennis, Boxing, Wrestling, and many more.

For more information about CricHD and how to stream live sports, see our CricHD review.

CricHD Review

Many of the apps mentioned above can also be found on our Best Firestick Apps or Best Streaming Apps lists.

REMINDER: For more information about IPTV, see Best Services. The Best Best Free Live Tv Apk PlayersYou can also view our IPTV Guide.


What Is Best Free Live Tv Apk – All Questions Answered

Use the links below to find the best VOD options for streaming TV shows and movies.

FAQ for IPTV Free

Which is the best Best Free Live Tv Apk for free?

Mobdro and Pluto TV are the best IPTV apps.

Is Best Free Live Tv Apk legally allowed?

Some apps are not available through Amazon and Google Play so it is difficult to know if an IPTV app, or service, has the correct licensing.

What is IPTV?
IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television.

Is Best Free Live Tv Apk safe?

It all depends on which IPTV service you are using. TROYPOINT recommends using a VPN to stream with a low-cost or free IPTV app. This is because we don’t know the origin of these apps and what logs they keep.

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