Azur Lane APK is an original project due to its size and gameplay features. All anime fans will enjoy this game with its grand sea battles and pretty women under their command.

There are also a number of tactical and tactical tasks to complete and side missions. Anyone who chooses to be a brave admiral of the fleet will find it attractive with more than 300 ships and easy management of all sizes.

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Azur Lane APK – Overview & Guide

Azur Lane APK is a modification for the Azur lane game. The mod has been downloaded thousands of times and can be found in a variety of different languages, with English being the most popular one.

It’s currently only available on Android devices, but we hope to release it soon on iOS as well. If you’re interested in what this mod offers please keep reading.

Azur Lane APK is not just about adding features that were never there before or fixing bugs that annoy players – it’s also about making Azur Lane more realistic by altering the balance between ships and improving their models so they look more like their real-life counterparts used during World War II.

Azur Lane Apk – Horizontal scroll shooter with elements of RPG in real-timeAzur lane apk

Azur lane apk

You will experience thrilling and unexpected encounters at sea in this game. The anime girls are warships that can destroy any enemy. They can be anime characters or ordinary ships.

You will most likely be involved in battles. In these games, you can control your characters and fight bots or other players. You can control your character using a virtual joystick, as well as a few buttons that let you use skills or additional projectiles.

Fly forward, destroy enemy vessels, and collect coins and crystals from your enemies. You can also find various boosters throughout the levels such as an energy barrier or extra health, and a short-term weapon booster.

Between skirmishes, players have the option to return to the hall of fame, gain new heroes, improve performance and learn additional skills. It is very interesting.

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The game’s locations are well-drawn, and the animations and effects are amazing. The music and sounds have been chosen to complement the gameplay. This game is a great choice for fans of scrolling shooters and anime.

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The app has been downloaded over 10 million times in the Google Play store and it’s rated 4+. The main features of this are:  unlock all ships and planes, no ads.

Users can also use this application without rooting their devices or using any other additional tools. There are also many other mods available on the internet if you want more features such as adding new maps or changing enemy HP levels etc. Such games are also available in Google Play Store.


Azur Lane APK is an application for Android devices that lets you customize the game with features like customizing your base, unlocking ships without spending money, adding more slots to your fleet, or increasing the experience points.

It also includes a feature called “Auto-Battle” which will let you play the game automatically and attack any enemy ship on sight. This mod can be downloaded from our website free of charge.

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