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Another Eden Apk, WFS is also the creator of Memoria Freese. It can be seen that both games share a similar style as well as a similar character design. These games have cute characters and great graphics. I love anime-style games. This game is no exception. Music is also a great option.



The story about Another Eden Apk

The story of Aldo and Feeney is the core of Another Eden. An old man found the brothers in the forest. No one knew their parents. Aldo and Feeney displayed extraordinary abilities from an early age that were not possible for ordinary people. Aldo is able to open a portal of time travel and Feene can make people hibernate. They cannot, however, control their power.

An event took place in the year 16 years old. With the aim of destroying humanity, Cyrus, the demon king has taken Feene and made him the ruler of the world. Also, in an attempt to despair at not being able to save his sister, opened a portal to time that saw him and the demonic army descend into the future 800 years later. Aldo invites you to join him on the quest to rescue his sister.

Explore beyond the limits of time and space

You will play Another Eden as Aldo, helping him fight the evil army, save his sister, and defeat the plan of Cyrus the demon. You will also meet knights and soldiers on your way to Feeney. These will be your companions. Be careful. It is a strange world and not everyone can be trusted.

Another Eden Apk

Another Eden is a scrolling, role-playing adventure game. Your mission is to defeat the evil people who appear and continue to adventure with others. You will be taken on an adventure through a vast, diverse world. This game has many interesting things to offer.

Another Eden mod
Another Eden music
Turn-based role-playing game
Another Eden, despite being a role-playing game is an attack-based game. You choose a skill or attack to use in a match. Then your character will perform that skill. Damage is determined by the strength of your character. Tactics are therefore important. It is important to pick characters that are compatible with the enemies you are facing.

Another Eden offers you the console gaming experience. You have to complete everything by yourself, there is no auto-mode. The game has a detailed mission system and enemies. The game does not yet have a PvP mode. There are still many ways to get back to the game, including a mission system and a login gift.

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Sound and graphics in Another Eden Apk

Another Eden Apk graphics are 3D, but the gameplay style is very similar to RPGs with 2D graphics. Graphics: Characters designed in cute Anime styles with bright colors. Masato Kato, a master writer, wrote the story. A composer Mitsuda Yanoori also contributes more than 60 songs to the game.

Get Another Eden Apk Android

Another Eden Apk is a must-have game for RPG fans. It’s like watching an anime movie, but with a great storyline. Get Another Eden for your smartphone today to get the full experience. This is a totally free game.

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