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Anime Online Apk, a popular category of apps, allows you to watch anime series and movies on your Android phone for free. The latest episodes and seasons can be accessed instantly or with a delay. Anime Online Apk is a huge industry in Japan that has a significant impact on the country’s GDP.

Every year, thousands of anime movies and shows are made in Japan. Many of these make a special place in people’s hearts. New episodes are eagerly anticipated by people. Millions of people enjoy watching anime. You can now watch the most popular manga, including Digimon, Death Note, and Dragon Ball Z.

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Open-source OSes are great because you can install third-party apps without having to have any credentials. To sideload any App on Android, you only need to grant the permissions for “Unknown Sources” This feature allowed for the creation of many independent Apps from third parties of different genres. Today, I’ll tell you about the top apps to watch Japanese Animation on Android.

Many streaming sites on the internet are misleading and will try to infect your device with malware. These apps may ask for permissions that they do not require for normal operation. Apps may ask for permission to contact you, which isn’t necessary to stream your favorite channels.

The Best Anime Online Apk For Android

These are the best Anime APKs to watch and download the latest shows, manga, and movies on Android.

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll, a media app that focuses primarily on east-Asian content, such as anime, manga series, music, and shows, is a very popular one. This app is for anime fans only. It’s legal and easy to stream your favorite animation. You can stream popular anime series like Naruto and Dragon Ball.

Crunchyroll is the best app for anime lovers. It is legal and safe. Although the app is expensive, you can still access TV shows free of charge after it airs for a week. You can pay for the app, which includes a 14-day trial that allows you to access the programs and shows on your own time. You can watch cartoons in HD and read manga without ads.

2. Anime Online Apk Stream

Anime Online Apk

Anime Online Apk Stream, an illegal Anime streaming application specifically designed for Anime Lovers is a simple and easy way to stream anime. Click on the title to search for the anime that interests you. The app allows you to download and stream the shows and movies, or with English sub and/0r subtitles.

The latest anime can be downloaded or streamed for free. You will love the interface. Search for anime and click on the episode you wish to load. You can use the PiP mode to watch HD videos.

Download AnimexStream

3. Anime Online Apk Droid

Anime Online Apk Droid is your one-stop shop for Japanese Animation. All Anime Movies and Shows are available, including OVAs. Although the app is easy to use, the initial load can take some time. However, the videos load quickly. Direct video links include Chia-Anime and KissAnime as well as AnimePlus.

4. HitAnime

HitAnime can be said as a Showbox Counterpart for Anime Movies, Series, and Manga Shows. You can watch the most recent Japanese Anime and download it immediately after its release. It is simple to navigate the app. The app can be customized to allow you to access more than 5000+ Anime Shows or Movies. Switching between servers is an option in case you experience problems with playback. To continue where you are, add shows to your Watchlist or Favorites and check your History.

5. ConTV

A legal and legitimate App for Android to stream and download TV shows and movies. This app is the best way to download and stream anime, TV shows, documentaries, comedies, and other programs. Although the quality of the streams can be decent, it can sometimes change dramatically so it is not recommended that you cast your big screen. The interface is very clean and smooth. The App is completely free and supports ads that aren’t too annoying. The only problem is the poor quality of the video compared to Snagflims or Sony Crackle, which are freemium competitors.

Viewster Features
Sign-up is not required
A large bouquet of Anime Movies & Shows
Clear User Interface, Search and Watch History
All movies and shows are free.
You can password-protect the App with parental control options.

6. FUNimation

Funimation has a large collection of anime series and feature-length movies, many of which are difficult to find. Funimation provides curated content, including subs and dubs. Advertisements get you a lot of shows, but for some premium Shows, it is necessary to subscribe.

Sony owns Funimation, so all Sony-owned Anime will be available on the platform. The simulcast lineup currently includes D.Grayman, The Disastrous Live of Saiki K, and Izetta The Last Witch. Puzzle and Dragons and Tales of Zesiria The X are also available. Funimation’s Premium account gives you access to almost 400 TV shows as well as 80 feature-length films. All the most popular series and content are available to you with a 14-day trial that is easy to cancel. Here is the Complete list of Shows in English.

7. AnyMe

AnyMe is the app for you if you’re an anime fan. anime, a free Anime Streaming platform, can be called the Netflix of Anime. All Japanese Animation is available in one place. Access thousands of episodes, movies, anime OVAs, and more directly from your Android smartphone. This app is simple to use and provides anime in English, Spanish Dub, and Subbed. The site loads streaming streams from worldwide resources.

The app allows you to play the video directly in the app, or if the video is not supported the app will allow you to stream it in any other video player such as MX Player. The best anime app if you want to stream Dubbed or Subbed Anime free of charge.


The Anime Online Apk above is easy to use and provides all major Japanese animation movies and shows for free or with some delay. Apps 1 and 3 can be legal and require subscriptions. App number 2 is completely free and provides all the latest Animation.

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