AdVenture Communist, the sequel of the popular game AdVenture Capitalist, is a top idle game by Hyper Hippo. The goal of AdVenture Communist is to grow your manufacturing empire and gather more resources, materials, and items to improve your citizens’ lives.

The majority of gameplay is done in the background, so you can go about your daily activities.

You can log in to your phone now and again to make some changes, speed up production, or even prestige your progress once you’ve reached the maximum.

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Adventure Communist APK – Overview & Guide

AdVenture Capitalist was the original game. It was created to replicate the growth of capitalist empires. It makes perfect sense to have an identical experience of communism. You can play the game on both Android and PC. The Android version offers a more stripped-down experience but still plenty of fun.

The idle game mechanics make it a great mobile game. You can leave them running while your phone’s on, and then come back whenever you want to see the progress.

AdVenture Communist Features

You will start with a small potato farm and work your way up to a bustling communist enterprise. You can expand your industries and conquer your surrounding areas by investing in new research and machinations that will improve your productivity.

Your main goal is to grow quickly. You will take it step by step to improve your farmland’s quality and ultimately unify the whole brother and. Casual mobile gamers will appreciate the fact that you don’t need to be on your phone all day.

Strategies for the Growth of Your Empire

AdVenture Communist may seem like an inactive game that is very hands-off, but there’s a lot to this Hyper Hippo game. You will need to click many buttons but it is also important to choose your path of progress. There are many ways to play the game. You can either find the best path or spend the time to figure it out yourself. The game is very replayable, especially once you reach the middle of the game.

Attract new members to your industry

Your industry grows as you play the game. These people have the potential of transforming your world. These people help you manage your resources and keep an eye on the game while you are away. Adventure Communism can benefit greatly from the selection of the right experts. Great Researchers are also available to help you, whether it’s automating your industry or improving your communist industry.

Science is the key

Science plays a vital role in improving your farm’s productivity and profitability. Science can be used to increase your production speed and to expand your technology so that you don’t have too many buttons. The best thing about scientific research is that it greatly increases your progress speed. It also allows you to not have to constantly check the game, which is great for busy gamers.

Dominate and Rank Up

Your little communist state will improve each day. The success of its industries will determine how high your state ranks. You can increase your rank by completing missions. Then, you can compare your ranking with other players. Are you ready to become the greatest communist leader in the world? Daily rewards include exciting packages that might contain all kinds of great items or boosts. These will help you on your way to becoming the best communist leader. Your ultimate leader is a source of beneficence and looks down upon you!

Expand beyond your borders

You can rank up to expand your industry. You’ll find new areas in AdVenture Communist that are ready to become impressive monuments to communist success. As you embark on your mission to conquer new lands, special events keep the game fresh. Special capsules will be available for you to bring back to your homeland to improve scientific progress, industrial efficiency, and working conditions.

The Magic of Idle Games

The beauty of idle mobile games is their ability to keep churning away even when you are not using them. Your new communist state will continue to roar in the background as the machines spin and gather resources. Your state continues to grow even while you’re asleep. This is ideal for people who just want to check in on the game occasionally. To play, you will need an internet connection.

Tips and tricks

AdVenture Communist is easy to get started. You start by picking potatoes. This is honest work in a growing communist state. Picking potatoes is just the beginning of what will be a large state. It is a good idea not to rush the process and spend too much time picking potatoes. You will find that idle games become more addictive the more you play them. Give it a try before you quit using your phone or turn it off to work. You should see good results after the first day.

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What’s New

Adventure Communist APK is the perfect game for anyone who needs a break from reality. It features retro graphics, challenging gameplay, and an endless amount of levels to conquer. If you’re looking for a new gaming experience that’s unlike anything else available on Google Play, this is it.

Adventure Communist APK (Free Upgrade) by Adventure Communist offers:

A challenge like no other

With over 100+ levels and challenges in store, you’ll never be bored again with this endlessly replayable game!


The levels are randomly generated so every time you play, they’ll be different which means even if you’ve conquered all of them once before you can still try your luck at the next one.


The game Adventure Communist APK is an RPG with a modern twist. The graphics are reminiscent of the 16-bit era, but they’re still crisp and clear on today’s high-definition screens. You can also play in full 3D, which makes it easier to see your enemies coming up behind you when playing on mobile devices.

It has some similarities to Diablo III in terms of combat mechanics, but it doesn’t require constant grinding for loot as that game does. Instead, you simply find items in chests or at vendors around town (who may be damaged or broken) and buy them for whatever price they want if you don’t feel like fighting their boss yet. There’s also no need to buy potions from stores; instead your character automatically

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